Edward Oughton


Research Groups

Edward Oughton

Senior Research Associate


Edward is known for developing decision-support models for digital infrastructure for both industry and government. He carried out one of the first assessments of 5G rollout in Britain. His work includes assessing the capacity, coverage and cost of new digital infrastructure, against the revenue opportunities new services can provide.

Other research interests include the socio-economic impacts of critical infrastructure failure, either from malicious cyber-attacks, or from natural hazards such as space weather. His work draws heavily on areas of engineering, computer science, economics and business analytics.

Edward has worked on a variety of projects with organisations including the UK’s Department for Transport, HM Treasury’s National Infrastructure Commission, the UK Met Office, the Asian Development Bank, Airbus Space and Defence, the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, AIG and the Canadian Space Agency.

In 2017 he was nominated by the US Embassy for the International Visitors Leadership Program based on his telecommunications research. Edward holds an MPhil and PhD from the University of Cambridge.

External Responsibilities

  • Researcher in Residence (5G) at Innovate UK’s Digital Catapult
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor at Carnegie Mellon University
  • Honorary Fellow of the British Antarctic Survey
  • Visiting Associate in Operations & Technology Management, Cambridge Judge Business School
  • Visiting Associate, Systems Research Group, Cambridge Computer Laboratory

Selected Publications


Oughton, E.J., Frias, Z., Russell, T., Sicker, D., Cleevely, D.D. (2018) Towards 5G: Scenario-based assessment of the future supply and demand for mobile telecommunications infrastructure. Technological Forecasting and Social Change. doi.org/10.1016/j.techfore.2018.03.016.

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Oughton, E.J. (2018) The economic impacts of critical national infrastructure failure due to space weather. Oxford Research Encyclopaedia of Natural Hazard Science. doi.org/10.1093/acrefore/9780199389407.013.315.


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