Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford

Professor David Aberbach

Honorary Research Associate

Academic Profile

David Aberbach is Professor of Hebrew and Comparative Studies at McGill University. He did his DPhil at Oxford and has held visiting fellowships at the Kennedy Center for International Development, Harvard University, and the Department of International Development, London School of Economics.

David specialises in literature and social sciences and teaches courses in these areas at McGill; and he has written books on Surviving Trauma: loss, literature and psychoanalysis, Charisma in Politics, Religion and the Media, National Poetry, Empires and War, and Literature and Poverty: from the Hebrew Bible to modern times. Since becoming an HRA in 2019, he written The Environment and Literature of Moral Dilemmas: from Adam to Michael K., and is currently working on literary curricula for school education on the environment and also for scientists. He is also planning seminars at the ECI in which literary and scientific approaches to environmental issues are combined.

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