Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford

Dr Chris Jardine



Chris is a research analyst in the Lower Carbon Futures team and studies technologies for greenhouse gas emission reductions. Primarily, Chris's focus is on renewables, especially the use of solar photovoltaics within the household and on commercial buildings. The ECI has undertaken extensive monitoring of solar technologies in the PV-Compare project and as part of the Government's Large-scale Building-integrated Photovoltaic field trial. Chris is currently examining how massive numbers of small-scale renewables and microgeneration can be incorporated into the electricity grid as part of the SUPERGEN consortium on Highly Distributed Power Systems. The ECI's work on this consortium project involves scenario creation, electricity network modelling and policy requirements to support the development of a highly distributed power system.

Chris has also completed a number of other initiatives at the ECI, most notably accounting for the environmental impact of aviation emissions. Chris’s background in chemistry allows him to combine the impacts of atmospheric chemistry with energy and policy issues to produce models for calculating emissions for offsetting or corporate reporting purposes.

Chris has also undertaken a series of smaller projects at ECI including work on the 40% house, methane uk examining methane's role as a greenhouse gas, market transformation and developing a code of practice for green electricity suppliers.


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