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Clare Downing

Centre Manager (CREDS)

Clare is the Centre Manager for Centre for Research into Energy Demand Solutions (CREDS) where she leads the programme management and knowledge exchange activities and team. She has technical expertise in climate change (mitigation and adaptation) particularly in developing evidence for policy, and guidance to manufacturers on energy efficient technologies and behaviour change in the Textiles, Tannery and Food and Drink sectors. She is interested in evaluating the science and process of climate change through applied research and turning the results into practical plans, policy and guidance for users.

She was previously an Adaptation Science Specialist in UKCIP where she was an expert on the European Topic Centre for Climate Change Adaptation for the European Environment Agency. She also worked on climate change and social justice for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, an assessment of the state of adaptation activities in the West Balkans and provided expert advice and stakeholder engagement within the Defra UKCIP programme.

Clare has over 20 years' experience in applied research and commercial consultancy within mitigation, adaptation and environmental science. She has provided practical advice and guidance to Local Authorities, national Government departments, Climate-ADAPT, NGOs (Berkshire, Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust) and International Donor Organisations. She was previously a Principal Consultant at Ricardo (AEA) where she was responsible for project management and business development in the climate change area. She also has expertise in resource efficiency, air pollution, communications, marketing and behaviour change.

Publications (Adaptation)

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Other Publications

Blog - The changing use of energy efficient technologies – reflections from ECEEE Summer Study (2019). Downing, C.

Blog - Climate strikes: the challenge to research (2019). Downing, C. and Fawcett, T.

Session report - Capturing and sharing knowledge on adaptation across Europe: how to support decision makers in the EU (Session 5.4). Downing, C., Ramieri, E., and Mattern, K. 3rd European Climate Change Adaptation Conference (ECCA) 2017, Glasgow.

Blog - Getting adaptation into practice – reflections from ECCA 2017 (June 2017). Downing, C.

Panel member and presenter on Adaptation and infrastructure for Resilient Oxford – Workshop on 100 Resilient Cities Fund. October 2015

Blog - Making vulnerable voices heard in flood protection decisions (Feb 2014). Downing, C.

Selected Publications (other topics)

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