ECI Alumni Dinner

Saturday 2 September 2017

The Environmental Change Institute’s annual Alumni Dinner brings together alumni, students and staff for an afternoon and evening of discussion, networking and celebration.

By popular demand we are again extending the programme into the afternoon to create extra space for meeting and mingling, getting to know each other and re-connecting with ECI. This time we will focus on "Soft Skills for Environmentalists" – a great opportunity to take stock of your own skill set and pick up some tips and tricks from fellow-alumni!

This year, the classes of 2006-07 and 1996-97 are celebrating 10 and 20 years since they graduated from ECM and we hope to welcome back many contemporaries for a special reunion.

Pre-dinner talk: ECM to imagining sustainable futures

Our special guest from the 20th anniversary cohort will be Dr Vanessa Timmer, co-founder and Executive Director of One Earth, a Canada-based environmental ‘think and do tank’ focused on sustainable consumption and production. In her pre-dinner talk she will be looking back on her career journey ‘From ECM to imagining sustainable futures’.


12:30LunchSoGE, Herbertson Room
13:30Welcome and updatesSoGE, Lecture Theatre
14:00Afternoon programme:
Soft Skills for Environmentalists

SoGE, Lecture Theatre
16:00Close and break
16:30RefreshmentsThe Queen’s College, Shulman Auditorium
17:00Pre-dinner talk:
Dr Vanessa Timmer (ECM 1996-97)
From ECM to imagining sustainable futures
The Queen’s College, Shulman Auditorium
18:15Drinks Reception
19:15DinnerThe Queen’s College, Dining Hall
21:00Cash barThe Queen’s College, Beer Cellar

Booking is now open until 16 August 2017

Buy your tickets:

£42 Alumni and guests
£32 current staff
£22 current ECM, MPhil and DPhil students

Guests are most welcome

Dress Code for the dinner:

smart casual

Venue Addresses

School of Geography and the Environment
OUCE, South Parks Road, Oxford, OX2 8BG

The Queen’s College
High Street, Oxford, OX1 4AW

Any Questions?

Alumni Relations Officer
Christine Baro-Hone
+44 (0)1865 285074

Afternoon Programme

Mind the Gap: Key soft skills employers look for in graduates

Sam Gordon (ECM 2007-08)
Research Analyst Association of Graduate Recruiters

Sam Gordon started his post-ECM career as an environmental project manager but moved into HR in order to improve support for new graduates moving into work. After a stint as an entrepreneur he joined the Association of Graduate Recruiters in 2014 as their sole Research Analyst, and now captures, shares and influences national trends in how employers recruit and train young people. He delivers the AGR Annual Surveys, the largest and most comprehensive employer surveys of student recruitment in the UK, and will share examples of how this research can support your learning curves and help you make an impact in your next job.

Soft Skill Secrets: Panel Discussion

ECM alumni across years and sectors will talk about their soft skill learning curves.

John Cole

Dr John Cole (ECM 2006-07)

Senior Consultant at Southreach Ltd developing renewable energy projects

Lila Buckley

Lila Buckley (ECM 2009-10)

Senior Researcher in the Natural Resources Group at the International Institute for Environment and Development

Sian Williams

Sian Evans (ECM 2014-15)

Senior Project Manager at Office of the Quartet, Israel

… and one more speaker, still top secret!

Nick Brown

Chaired by:
Dr Nick Brown

Principal of Linacre College, ECI Advisory Board Member

Closing the skills gap for environmentalists

Panel Discussion with mentors and mentees of ECI’s Mentoring Programme.

Mentors and mentees of ECI’s Mentoring Programme will discuss with Sam Gordon which skills are particularly important for people working in the environment sector, how best to acquire relevant soft skills, and which role mentoring can play.

Pre-Dinner Talk

Dr Vanessa Timmer (ECM 1996-97) - From ECM to imagining sustainable futures

How can we imagine and create sustainable ways of living? Join Dr Vanessa Timmer, Executive Director of One Earth, to explore how this question inspired her to apply to ECM and to shape her career over the past twenty years.

Vanessa reveals the first results of a global initiative on envisioning sustainable ways of living. She shares examples from around the world of the ways people have mobilized their creativity to visualize sustainable futures and catalyze social change. Vanessa also looks at how three aspects of her ECM experience continue to influence her work today: 1) bridging research and practice, 2) applying a systems approach, and 3) collaborating with unlikely allies and interdisciplinary partners. In this presentation, she traces her policy influence at the United Nations level, her work with cities in North America, her academic path and collaboration with researchers, and her passion for storytelling. Vanessa invites us all to use our collective imaginations to create better futures. researchers, and her passion for storytelling. Vanessa invites us all to use our collective imaginations to create better futures.

Dr Vanessa Timmer is the Executive Director of One Earth, a Vancouver, Canada-based environmental ‘think and do tank’ focused on sustainable consumption and production. One Earth works with cities, the Canadian and US Government, the United Nations, researchers, and civil society, and partners including the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies, Utrecht University, and the Urban Sustainability Directors Network. The One Earth team advises the City of Vancouver on its Greenest City Action Plan on Lighter Footprint and Zero Waste and supports the Plan’s implementation. One Earth is a co-founder of the Global Research Forum on Sustainable Production and Consumption and the North American Roundtable on Sustainable Production and Consumption. From 2013 to 2015, One Earth curated the New Economies theme of Cities for People, initiated by The J. W. McConnell Family Foundation – a Canada-wide experiment in advancing a movement to create more resilient and livable cities through innovation networks.

Vanessa sits on the Multi-stakeholder Advisory Committee for the United Nations 10YFP Sustainable Lifestyles Programme. In Canada, she is a Board member of the National Zero Waste Council and on the Technical Advisory Committee for the Circular Economy Innovation Lab. Vanessa writes, speaks and teaches on social change, sustainability, leadership, and systems thinking. She is a past Associate and Fulbright scholar with Harvard’s Sustainability Science Program and holds a Doctorate in environmental studies with degrees from Queen’s University, Oxford University and the University of British Columbia. Vanessa co-hosts the award-winning Canadian television show, The Sustainable Region. In 2013, Vanessa was named one of Business in Vancouver’s Top Forty under 40. One Earth is catalyzing ‘Disruptive Imaginings: creating better futures’ – a global campaign to create compelling visions and experiences of life in sustainable futures.

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