Dr Alan Jones


Research Groups


Dr Alan Jones

College Lecturer and Honorary Research Associate


I oversee the Wytham Woods Long-term Carbon Dynamics Monitoring project, in collaboration with Prof. Yadvinder Malhi at the Environmental Change Institute (ECI) and Mike Morecroft (Natural England). Key personal research themes for me are determining responses of plant communities to environmental change, in combination with and human-induced management or disturbance impacts. To achieve this, I am particularly interested in plant-soil interactions and how a range of ecosystem bioindicators can detect threshold responses in plant communities.

I gained my degree in Environmental Science at Kingston University, London and completed my PhD at Imperial College London, examining how nitrogen deposition affects lowland heathland in England. I completed a one year postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Tasmania, Australia, investigating the influence of fire-cycles on Eucalyptus tree health. I then took a postdoctoral position at Aberystwyth University, Wales, on a NERC-funded project examining climate change in the Arctic, focussing on elevated CO2, UV exposure and warming impacts to Arctic heath-tundra. In 2014 I started my role as Visiting Research Associate on the Wytham Woods Project.

Current projects

Our work at Wytham Woods uses Citizen Scientist volunteers to collect data on long-term responses in forest carbon cycling. Outcomes from this programme inform government policy on broadleaved woodland habitat and refine carbon dynamics models that predict future responses to climate change.

My involvement with Earthwatch means I am interested in developing further citizen science based data collection programmes from activities at Wytham. Particular areas of interest would be climate manipulation studies and national inventories of woodland carbon dynamics.



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