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Aniek is a researcher in the Food Systems Research Group of the Environmental Change Institute at the University of Oxford. Here she works on the projects focussed on exploring sustainable food and nutrition security in the EU food system. Beside her work at the ECI, she is a PhD candidate at the Stockholm Resilience Centre, in Sweden. Her PhD project is supervised by Joost Vervoort (ECI and University of Utrecht), Line Gordon (SRC), and Stephan Barthel (SRC and University of Gävle).

The PhD research of Aniek explores the shaping of resilient urban food systems, with a particular focus on the role of participation. She aims to unpack the notion of participation by exploring what type of participatory responses can be found in the food system. Secondly, she attempts to uncover what role they can play in making (urban) food systems more resilient.

Aniek has a background in both nutrition and development sociology from Wageningen University, the Netherlands. After completing her studies, she first worked as a knowledge broker at the ‘Food and Business Knowledge Platform’, where she helped conducting a stakeholder consultation for the new food security policy brief of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Following, she started work as a junior researcher in the project TRANSMANGO at the Rural Sociology Group of Wageningen University. Here she also supervised and lectured students in various sociology courses around the topics of rural development and poverty.


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