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  • 13 April 2021

Sky and BBC climate shows feature ECI and SSEE research and expertise

Dr Fredi Otto

On 7 April, Sky News launched the The Daily Climate Show, a new prime time programme dedicated to covering the global climate crisis.

Front and centre of the programme is the Oxford University Global Warming Index, which reveals how the Earth's temperature is steadily rising in fractions of a degree. The Index is based on research by Dr Karsten Haustein, Dr Friederike Otto and Professor Myles Allen and maintained by the ECI at globalwarmingindex.org.

Dr Otto was the lead interview for the programme on Monday 12 April. She discussed cyclone Seroja, a storm that has ravaged Western Australia, and explained to Sky's viewers that rising ocean temperatures have led to more cyclones "in places where they were very rare."

Dr Otto also appeared in Sky's first ClimateCast podcast.

On 12th April, Professor Cameron Hepburn, Director of the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, and Dr Otto featured in Greta Thunberg: A Year to Change the World, a BBC Documentary that follows the famous climate activist as she travels the world observing the impact of climate change.

"I was delighted to take part in the BBC's documentary. Greta Thunberg's story is an example of how the right intervention at the right time can trigger feedback effects that lead to extraordinary change," said Professor Hepburn.

"I'm pleased to see broadcasters are stepping up their coverage of climate change and its impact," stated Dr Otto. "We still don't talk enough about the details of climate change. If people are urged to 'listen to the science' they need get a chance to actually hear the science."



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