Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford

  • 18 April 2018

Are we ready to reap the environmental benefits from the viral boom in shared urban transport schemes?

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The growth of innovative urban transport schemes offers many opportunities for improving the sustainability of our cities. In a new policy brief by the GREEN-WIN project, the environmental benefits of such schemes are highlighted.

Mobility in urban environments is in a phase of rapid change, with a boom of viral business innovations for shared transport options like bike and car sharing schemes. Such schemes have the potential to radically improve the sustainability of our cities as well as providing economic and social gains. Mobile app based platforms are one of the key ‘disruptive innovations’ that are revolutionising urban mobility, by providing the on-demand real-time coordination for vehicle and ride sharing.

In this new policy brief for the Horizon 2020 GREEN-WIN project Dr Tom Thornton and colleagues provide insights into the changes within the urban mobility sector and provide ideas for the governance structures needed to support these innovations. They call for a collaborative governance regime between mobility companies, users, the public and city governments in order to prevent new environmental problems from emerging.

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