Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford

  • 8 December 2016

What's next for Climate Change? The ECI engages the public on impacts and adaptation options

Brian A Jackson/Shutterstock

Brian A Jackson/Shutterstock

UKCIP and ECI, in collaboration with Mediaplanet, have launched the campaign 'Climate Change: What's next?', with the aim to encourage more public debate about the impacts of climate change on their families, communities and businesses, and understand the opportunities for adaptation.

A social media 'thunderclap', at 1pm on 7 December, marked the start of the digital campaign, when 180 people supported it on twitter and facebook.

More than 330,000 people were reached with the 'Climate change: what's next?' campaign message, and a further 166,000 Guardian readers received the affiliated supplement, which was supported by Christiana Figueres, as well as the All-Party Parliamentary Groups (APPG) on Climate Change.

Articles published include a number of contributions from ECI researchers; Professor Jim Hall, Professor Nick Eyre, Professor Benito Müller, Patrick Pringle and Dr Rachel James (see links, right). The full selection of articles, on a broad range of topics including infrastructure, adaptation, climate finance, the 1.5C target, and much more, can be found online at www.globalhealthaction.co.uk.

Cover of the Guardian supplement

The front cover of the Guardian supplement

"The momentum is shifting in the right direction to tackle climate change, but not fast enough. A massive change in society will be required, and this includes things as seemingly simple as how we eat our food. At the Environmental Change Institute and UKCIP... we see this campaign as part of the public forum for ideas-sharing, further research and decision-making on how to tackle climate change."

Professor Jim Hall, Director, Environmental Change Institute