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  • 6 April 2016

ECI engages with the leaders of tomorrow

To mark its 25-year anniversary, the ECI has supported the creation of an innovative Summer School for 16-18 year-olds. The course will be run on a non-profit basis and offer scholarships to students at local state schools with significant financial need.

‘The Leadership in Global Change’ Summer School has been developed by Environment and Geography school teachers in collaboration with academics from the ECI. The course is being managed by Oxford Study Courses (OSC) who have a 26-year history of running high quality residential summer programmes.

The aim of this initiative is to enable students who will eventually have influential positions in business, the public sector or elsewhere, to be confident in their understanding, and articulate in their views about globally important issues. The topics under discussion will be focused on the research interests of the ECI, using teaching approaches which help build student character and independence in their own learning.

For more information on the course visit the Leadership in Global Change website.

"Whether in business, politics, education, academia, food production, healthcare or elsewhere, future leaders face a rapidly changing and complex world. Our ‘Leadership in Global Change’ summer school provides an unbeatable opportunity to gain a new understanding of the critical issues that face all of us. The ECI opens its doors for the first time to a younger generation. Partnering with professional school educators, we have designed an entirely new course which will enable our academic experts to engage, excite and empower the young people whose future decisions will shape the world."

Professor Jim Hall, ECI Director


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