Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford

Who teaches on the course?

Professor Myles Allen Myles is interested in how human and natural influences on climate contribute to observed climate change. He recently contributed to discussion on whether climate change leads to extreme weather events such as storm Sandy.
Dr Pam Berry Pam is interested in modelling climate change impacts on species; the integrated assessment of climate change adaptation and mitigation actions and their effects on biodiversity; and how ecosystem services underpin much of human existence
Dr John Boardman John is a geomorphologist working on land degradation issues, particularly in the Karoo, South Africa, and on soil erosion in southern England. He is a former director of the MSc/MPhil.
Dr Patricia Daley Patricia is interested in the political ecology of resource extraction, land tenure dynamics, gender and environmental change.
Dr Sarah Darby Sarah is interested in how technologies are adopted and adapted. She analyses the interactions between new energy infrastructures, the rules and knowledge systems through which they operate, and the everyday practices of energy users.
Professor Nick Eyre Nick is interested in the the role of public policy in reducing energy demand and improving energy efficiency. He recently published an article which found that feed-in tariffs for energy saving might be a powerful tool for incentivising energy efficiency.
Jim Hall Professor Jim Hall Jim is interested in flood risk analysis and management, coastal cliff recession, and the impacts of climate change. In 2012 he contributed to a study on balancing the costs of erosion versus flooding. This work won the Lloyds Science of Risk Prize.
Clive Hambler Clive Hambler Clive is a generalist ecologist and researches a wide variety of environmental management problems and a wide range of types of organism. He focuses on the impacts of woodland and grassland management
Peter Henderson Peter Henderson Peter is interested in population and community ecology with a particular focus on long-term studies of fish and crustacean populations, their stability and the effects of changing environments.
Mark Hirons Dr Mark Hirons Mark is and environmental scientist with an interested in issues of well-being, inequality and justice with respect to climate change and natural resource governance.
Dr John Ingram John is interested in the two-way interactions between global environmental change and food systems. His research aims to better manage food systems so as to enhance food security while reducing environmental impacts..
Dr Rachel James Rachel researches change in African rainfall systems. She is interested in the role of human influence on climate, and how climate models can be used to provide information to stakeholders.
Dr Chris Jardine Chris studies technologies for greenhouse gas emission reductions. He focuses on renewable energy, especially the use of solar photovoltaics within the household and on commercial buildings.
Professor Yadvinder Malhi Yadvinder is interested in the impact of global atmospheric change on terrestrial ecosystems. He recently won a European Research Council grant to study the role of tree diversity in the response of tropical forests to climate change.
Dr Constance McDermott Constance is interested in the effects of market globalisation on domestic forest policy, and the conflicts and synergies among local, national and international development and conservation objectives.
Kate Raworth Kate focuses on rethinking economic development for tackling the 21st century’s social and environmental challenges, exploring this theme through the lens of social and planetary boundaries.