Scholarships awarded to our students since 1994

The ECI and our students are extremely grateful to have received 247 scholarships for the MSc since 1994. The scholarships, listed below, have provided over 70% of students on the MSc with full or partial support.

Scholarships awarded since 1994

  • Andrew Goudie Bursary
  • Anne Maria Schimmel Scholarship
  • Applied Materials Scholarships
  • Austrian Ministry of Science Scholarship
  • Bavarian State Scholarship
  • Birkett Scholarships
  • Boardman Scholarship
  • Bodassaki Scholarship
  • British Chevening Scholarships
  • Brockman Foundation Scholarship
  • BTR Scholarships
  • Canon Collins Scholarship
  • Clarendon Scholarships
  • ClimateCare Scholarships
  • Coca Cola Scholarship
  • Commonwealth Scholarships
  • Development Administration Scholarship (Overseas)
  • Development Bank of Japan Scholarship
  • DFID Scholarships
  • Dulverton Scholarship
  • ECI Director's Fellowships
  • Ecos Bursary
  • EcoSecurities Scholarships
  • ESRC Scholarships
  • European Social Fund Bursarys
  • FCO/OSI Scholarships
  • Felix Scholarships
  • Fitzgerald Scholarship
  • Fulbright Graduate Scholarships
  • German Academic Exchange Service
  • Helen Simpson Lynett Scholarship
  • Hill Foundation Scholarship
  • Hitachi Chemical Europe Environmental Control Management Scholarships
  • IDEAS Scholarship
  • Japanese Government Scholarship
  • Jean Monnet Scholarships
  • Joan Doll Scholarships
  • Joint Japan/World Bank Scholarships
  • Karim Rida Said Foundation Scholarship
  • Kellett Fellowship
  • La Caixa Scholarship
  • Lotus Trust Scholarship
  • Marshall Scholarships
  • Monnet Scholarship
  • National Science Foundation Fellowship
  • Netherlands Organisation for International Corporation in Higher Ed Scholarship
  • New Century Scholarships
  • Noon Lady Scholarship
  • Norman and Ivy Lloyd Scholarships
  • NSF Graduate Scholarship
  • ODA Scholarship
  • Oppenheimer Fund
  • Overseas Bursary
  • Oxford Kobe Scholarship
  • Oxford Overseas Scholarship
  • Pirie Reid Scholarships
  • President Russian Federation Scholarship
  • Radhakrishnan Scholarship
  • Rhodes Scholarships
  • Riche Monde Scholarships
  • Rotary Scholarships
  • RPS Scholarships
  • Scatchered European Scholarship
  • Shell Centenary Scholarships
  • Sir Walter Raleigh Scholarships
  • Skye Scholarship
  • Stuart Nesbitt White Fellow
  • Theberge Scholarship
  • Thomas R. Pickering Fellowship
  • Thouron Scholarship
  • Tokyo Electric Power Co. Bursary
  • Unipart International Scholarships
  • University of Witswatersand Overseas Scholarship
  • World Bank Funded
  • Dr Yungtai Hsu Scholarships

Scholarship Students

Xiao Wang, second Dr Yungtai Hsu Scholar 2009/10

Dedicated to science and technology studies since high school, I came to realise that it usually takes too long for science to be introduced into the real world and bring changes to the fast deteriorating environment. Having obtained a Bachelor's Degree (first class honors) in Environmental Life Science, I took the plunge to shift into social sciences, particularly environmental policy formulation and implementation. Studying at ECI I find myself a member of an enlightening expedition with world-class scholars and professionals, all striving for a better future for our environment. I am grateful to be a joint-awardee of the Yungtai Hsu Scholarship, which enables me to conduct more extensive research and establish broader academic and professional networks.

Yuqing Cui, first Dr Yungtai Hsu scholar, 2008/09

"It was my great honour to be granted the Dr Yungtai Hsu Scholarship while I was studying at ECI. The scholarship set up a bridge between the aspiring students in China's environmental research field and the ECI and St John's College. Not only did it make my study travel possible, but its spirit - to devote to the environmental improvement of China, will always inspire me in my future career".

Yuqing's dissertation IPR and Environmental Sound Technology Transfer: the Contestation between China and Annex I Countries was published on 19 May 2010 by LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing.

Natcha Tulyasuwan, first Boardman Scholar 2009/10

I am an economist by training and a graduate of Lund University in Sweden and Thammasat University in my native Thailand. I worked for UNDP, UNCTAD, the European Commission, the Mission of Thailand to the EU and the ERM prior to my studies at the ECI. I applied to the ECM MSc as I believed it would widen my perspective of global environmental solutions and allow me to meet with like-minded people with a passion to change the world - it has met and exceeded these expectations. Thanks to the Boardman Scholarship, I was granted this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that otherwise would not have been possible for me.

Leon Westby, Rhodes Scholar 2009/10

I have always been fascinated by the complex and intimate relationship between humans and their environment. I read natural and agricultural science for my first degree and worked for several months as a high-school science teacher and then a forest officer, both jobs cementing my interest and passion for environmental management. I desired advanced studies in domestic and international environmental policy, and in my search for a graduate scholarship I discovered both the Rhodes and the ECM course. Winning the Rhodes scholarship afforded me the indescribably rewarding opportunity to read for a masters degree that equips students with the requisite knowledge to deal with the vagaries of the formidably dynamic and increasingly polemic profession of environmental management. I stand in awe of the skills I have garnered and the brilliant friends and colleagues I have secured. I am grateful for both the Rhodes Scholarship and the ECM course, any future professional success is rightly ascribed to this scholarship and the ECI's crafting of a wonderful Msc course.