Internship Vacancy: 2degrees

Key information

Organisation: Synergy Global Consulting Ltd
Location: Oxford
Reference ID: 41709
Salary Description: £9/hour (approx £337.5/week)
Flexible Start Date: between end of June to 1 September
Internship Duration: 8-12 weeks (flexible duration)
Application deadline: 23 April 2017

Organisation/Company Description

Synergy is a leading social development consulting company in the natural resource extraction and infrastructure sectors. We believe that long-term global growth and quality of life come when companies, governments and communities work together.

Synergy has developed a unique understanding of the dynamics between all the stakeholders involved in resource extraction projects. From this experience, we have the knowledge and skills to create management strategies and systems to support long-term maximum return on investment for projects whilst securing long-term positive social outcomes.

We are a global organization that has conducted projects and proven our approach in over 70 countries across all continents during our 15 year history. Our three hubs are strategically located in Johannesburg, Paris and Oxford.

Project Details

The Synergy Internship Programme offers interns real opportunities to gain high quality work experience undertaking meaningful projects or tasks that will benefit Synergy and the intern. The programme is designed to tap into student’s knowledge and fresh ideas, and for interns to gain an interesting and useful introduction to the workplace which will help their future employment prospects.

An integral part of the team and entrusted with responsibility early on, our interns are enthusiastic, reliable, and enjoy working in a team. They have a strong interest in our work, approach and values, a high level of English, have strong written and communication skills, are highly computer literate, and have strong organisational skills and good research background.

The intern will have the opportunity to work in three main areas: Projects, Research & Development and Operation/Admin. Particular task mix will depend on the chosen intern's interests and project support need at the time of the internship.

Research & Development (RnD) tasks may include:

  • Capture Synergy approach to conflict management/mediation
  • Develop tool to measure quality of stakeholder relations
  • Consolidate experience/lessons learned on resettlement
  • Consolidate experience/approach for socio-economic impact assessment
  • Consolidate experience/approach for assessment and analysis
  • Document Synergy approach to stakeholder engagement
  • Document Synergy approach to effective management

Project related tasks may include:

  • Contribution to ongoing projects, for example: company assessment for a mining Index; development of a community relations professional network; ITRI Tin Supply Chain Initiative, and others.
  • Proposals - providing support on drafting and development of proposals.
  • Project Management – support the management of projects across the company at system-wide and individual project levels.

Operational administration and support tasks may include:

  • Support compilation of the company contacts database.
  • Website / Social Media Communication including Synergy website updates, design and implementation of agreed Synergy web-based/social media engagement tools.

Applicant Profile

Intern requirements:

  • Current student (undergraduate or graduate) in an environmental sciences or social sciences discipline (environmental science, labour & working conditions, international development, human rights, economics, geography, political science, etc)
  • General understanding of and interest in social and environmental challenges and impacts of the global mining industry.
  • Proven qualitative research and analysis skills, including ability to quickly find, analyse and synthesise information from the web.
  • Knack for clear, concise and reliable communication with a wide variety of colleagues.
  • Professional demeanour.
  • A self-motivated individual who also enjoys being part of a team.
  • Fluency in English (both written and oral)
  • Additional languages not essential, but a big plus

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This internship has been facilitated by the Environmental Change Institute.

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