Internship Vacancy: Oxford University Environmental Sustainability Team

Key information

Organisation: Oxford University Environmental Sustainability Team
Role: Energy Management and Behaviour Project, Environmental Sustainability Project Intern
Location: Oxford
Reference ID: 36491
Salary Description: £9.50 per hour
Flexible Start Date: 19 June 2017
Internship Duration: 8-12 weeks (Flexible Duration)

Organisation/Company Description

The Environmental Sustainability team is part of the University of Oxford’s Estates Services, and is a busy team of 12 professionals working on topics from energy, carbon and sustainable buildings, to transport, waste, water and engagement.

The team works to reduce the University's environmental impact and deliver the University’s Environmental Sustainability Policy. The team supports colleagues in Estates Services to manage the 235 buildings within the University's functional estate, many of which are listed for their historical value.

Project Details

Energy Management and Behaviour Project

The project will look to develop best practice guidance on the communication of energy consumption data to relevant groups within universities to effect more energy efficient behaviour. The project will draw on the collective academic and facilities experience of the International Association of Research Universities (IARU). The emphasis will be on identifying cost effective and easily deployable measures to support energy reduction.

Targeted outcomes would seek to clarify:

  • If communication of energy consumption data is a key component in affecting behaviour change for key university groups.
  • Which groups of individuals should be targeted, the type of communication method utilised and frequency of messaging, what if any rewards/incentives should be used and what granularity of data should be applied.
  • What resources would be needed to achieve these requirements and the cost effectiveness’s of different methodologies and outputs?
  • Which other activities are vital for a successful program to achieve changes in behaviour as communication of energy consumption is often a component in a wider energy efficiency programme.
  • To what extent is existing domestic research valid in a commercial context and to what extent can the application of existing comparators or benchmarks (eg neighbouring building/national/international benchmarks) be useful.

The project will result in a published guide.

The applicant may be required to support other aspects of the team's work as and when needs arise.

Please note that the project specification, detail and output may change reflecting ever developing business needs.

NB: The role will also be supported by internship programmes and networks run by the Environmental Change Institute (ECI) and International Association of Research Universities (IARU).

Applicant Profile

The applicant should be able to demonstrate an interest in one of these areas either through academia, volunteering or other: environmental sustainability, energy, psychology or behaviours.

The applicant should also have transferable skills which would support the project and its output. Key skills for this project include the ability to:

  • conduct literature reviews and research;
  • undertake data analysis;
  • demonstrate strong communication skills, and;
  • summarise complex requirements for a wide range of audiences.

The applicant should be happy to conduct research, interviews with a range of individuals both face to face and over the phone, and work with a publisher/designer to provide a useable output.

Further Information

The role sits with the Environmental Sustainability team, Estates Services, University of Oxford and will be supported and guided by members of the Environmental Sustainability team.

This role is also supported through two internship networks. The Environmental Change Institute Internship Programme and the International Association of Research Universities Sustainability Fellowship. These networks provide an opportunity to share best practice, learn about a range of sustainability issues and get to know peers within the UK and internationally.

ECI will provide the candidate with training through the Training Better Leaders Programme

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This internship has been facilitated by the Environmental Change Institute.

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