Internship Vacancy: Green Planet Ventures

Key information

Organisation: Green Planet Ventures
Location: Brazil
Reference ID: JO2VN
Salary Description: Students who are selected for this internship will be awarded a £2,000 Santander Award. The park will help the interns secure accommodation but this must be paid for by your Santander Internship award.
Flexible Start Date: The dates are relatively flexible.
Internship Duration: between 4 weeks and 6 weeks placement to be completed from the end of June 2018 onward.
Application deadline: 19 February 2018

Organisation/Company Description

Green Planet Ventures (GPV) is a social enterprise that works in the interface of Environment and Development. We provide opportunities for students to apply their research skills and develop these further conducting field research in tropical forest conservation, climate change mitigation and sustainable development; studying environmental and social dynamics.

Forests are one of the most important ecosystems to preserve life on the planet and mitigate climate change. However, they are under serious threat due to human needs of social development. Hence, our focus on catalysing research to understand these complex social and ecological interactions.

The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow, so we aim to aid their professional development to help equip our future leaders with the tools to preserve our planet for future generations.

GPV provides a service to students and graduates, to help develop their career, this being as part of a holiday, volunteering and/or internship experience. Our current programme is located in Costa Rica, with base in a tropical forest nature reserve that also operates a research station. The students/ graduates can apply for specific positions within projects currently underway; or can contact us to arrange their own research (as professionals or for dissertation purpose).

Project Details

As an assistant data analyst within the Science Policy team of Iguazu National Park authority, you will be given full responsibility for analysing the data set they currently hold and produce outputs to help the conservation work undertaken by the team and support the case for policy setting for the researchers that visit the park. You will make suggestions on better ways of storing the data to help its usability.

You will be given full responsibility for the project in terms of data manipulation and analysis. You will be given guidance from the policy team in terms of the issues they would want to find answers for. However the data analysis required to answer the queries will be down to you.

Iguazu National Park protects the largest remnant of Atlantic Forest in existence. It is considered the second most diverse ecosystem in the world (after the Amazon) and is one of the most at risk of extinction, as only less than 8% of the original habitat remains. The park is inhabited by many threatened species such as the jaguar, Vinaceus-brested parrot, Broad-snouted caiman and others. Due to its global importance, the Water Falls and surrounding forest was the first protected area of Brazil designated by UNESCO as World Heritage Site, also nominated Biosphere Reserve.

The park is frequently visited by scientists that come to study the different zoological groups and species. There is currently a database that collects information provided by the different researchers that have conducted research in Iguazu National Park. However, the data has not been analysed to understand patterns that can help set policies to manage the demands of external researchers.

The objective of this internship is to analyse the data set currently held by the park and produce outputs to help inform policies on researchers’ demands and implement new forms of storing and managing the data if appropriate.


  • Data manipulation and importing excel sheets into access tables.
  • Data Analysis to produce outputs (graphs and charts)
  • Conduct analysis that can help inform scientific research policies within the park.
  • Participate in other activities of the team as required.
  • Take part in other projects available to Oxford students should the data processing work be completed in shorter time than the four weeks planned for this project.

Applicant Profile

The candidates for this position are required to have strong data analysis and data handling skills. So you will be a self-starter, able to analyse data and provide outputs with minimal supervision.

Area of study: Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences

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