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Apply for the Training Better Leaders course (20–22 April, 2020)

Training Better Leaders is open to all Oxford University students.

Please complete and return the form below to apply. Places are limited to 60, and we are looking to recruit a wide range of backgrounds and interests in sustainability. Please provide any relevant details in the form below and email the completed form to: dora.martinezcarbonell@ouce.ox.ac.uk. Once we receive your application we'll send you a confirmation email.

We welcome applications until 11pm GMT on 1st April, 2020. Please note that we may close applications sooner if we fill the 60 places available before that date.

Applications received so far this year have come from students in a wide range of faculties and departments, including Classics, Computer Science, Sociology, Economics, Chemistry, Education, Health Sciences, Business, Psychology, Zoology and Geography, with a good mixture of undergraduates, Master's and DPhils. What will you bring to the mix?

How much does it cost?

The course fee is just £20, which includes access to all the talks, lunch each day sourced from local and sustainable caterers, and a drinks reception plus dinner at Somerville College. The dinner is held on the first day, and gives all 60 course participants the chance to talk to some of the speakers and partners of the Sustainability Internship Programme in a more relaxed atmosphere.

About the Course

The Training Better Leaders (TBL) course is the "teaching and skilling" part of the Sustainability Internship Programme, annually organised by the Environmental Change Institute as part of our effort to bring environmental sustainability to a wide network of students across the University, regardless of their degree course or year.

With three full days of talks, workshops and practical work delivered by over 30 sustainability professionals coming from the public, private and not-for-profit sectors, the programme allows participants to improve their sustainability literacy and skills, equipping them with the tools they need going forward into global leadership roles.

The course is influenced by the International Society of Sustainability Professionals' report, which identifies the key competencies critical to the successful performance of professionals working in the field of sustainability. Students who attend this programme will receive a Sustainability Skills Certificate from the ECI and have the opportunity to meet sustainability professionals from various organisations. Attendance to the full programme is required in order to qualify for the certificate.

What you will learn

Business Case Analysis

Communication Tools



Digital Media

Influencing Change



Making an Impact

Marketing for Sustainability

Mediation and Negotiation

Monitoring and Evaluation

Project Management

Stakeholder Engagement

Strategic Planning

Sustainability Challenges


Technology for Change

Internship opportunities for 2020

Internship opportunities for placements in the summer/autumn 2020 are posted in Hilary and Trinity terms.

Financial support from: Santander

In association with: Internship Office