Benefits to your organisation

Exceptional students

Work with intelligent and dedicated international students from various disciplines.

The programme is open to all current matriculated (i.e. not visiting) University of Oxford students, in any course of study. The internships offered should comprise full-time work for 2–12 weeks, carried out either in end of June to September for undergraduates and MBAs, or starting in September in the case of graduate students.

Trained in sustainability

Hire from our pool of sustainability skills enhanced students - Prospective interns have the opportunity to participate in an intensive sustainability skills training course in April, delivered by our partner organizations.

Increased exposure

Increased exposure of your organisation to help in attracting high quality talent smart, ambitious and committed young people driving for sustainable change.

Training Better Leaders: ECI's Sustainability Training Course

Sustainability Training Course, ECI24-26 April 2019
Internship start date: for undergraduatesEnd of June onwards
Internship start date: for postgraduatesSeptember onwards

Please contact Dora Martinez if you have any enquiries about the Sustinability Internship Programme

Financial support from: Santander

In association with: Internship Office