Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford

Benefits to your organisation

Exceptional students

Work with intelligent and dedicated international students from various disciplines.

The programme is open to all current matriculated University of Oxford students, in any course of study. The internships offered should comprise full-time work for 2–12 weeks, carried out either in end of June to September for undergraduates and MBAs, or starting in September in the case of graduate students.

Trained in sustainability

Hire from our pool of sustainability skills enhanced students - prospective interns have the opportunity to participate in an intensive sustainability skills training course in April.

Increased exposure

Increased exposure of your organisation to help in attracting high quality talent smart, ambitious and committed young people driving for sustainable change.

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ECI’s Sustainability Internship Programme Timings for 2021/22

Round 1 internship proposal deadline (International)7 January
Round 2 internship proposal deadline (UK)5 February
Round 3 internship proposal deadline5 March
Round 4 internship proposal deadline2 April
Training Better Leaders course(Provisional dates) 18-20 April
Round 5 internship proposal deadline23 April
Internships start (for undergraduates)End of June onwards
Internships start (for postgraduates)September onwards

Hosts can post internships in any of the 5 rounds, although the first round is open exclusively to international opportunities and the second to UK ones. Please note that round 1 and round 2 receive a higher proportion of applications.

If you would like to discuss timings, there is possibility for some flexibility - please contact the SIP Coordinator, Dan Hall.

Host organisation experiences

Hostelling International Iceland

Hostelling International Iceland

"HI Iceland hosted an intern from Oxford University for the first time in 2019. The organisation has a long experience of hosting international interns but we were extremely happy with the cooperation with the University of Oxford. All our questions and concerns were answered promptly and clearly so by the time of selecting the candidate we felt confident and in good shape. The preparation of the intern was of great quality – upon arrival he showed both great knowledge and enthusiasm towards the organisation, the program, the tasks and his stay in Iceland. We would recommend everyone to host an OU intern and we are looking forward to the next round of qualified student from Oxford University to join our team at HI Iceland, hopefully next summer."

Hoare Lea

Hoare Lea

"We have participated in the Summer Internship Programme for two years now and have been really impressed with the quality of the candidate’s CVs and cover letters. Those that we selected were very professional and took the role and opportunity very seriously. We have really benefited from having two placements over the last two years, and found their enthusiasm and desire to learn have been really apparent."

Innovation Gateway

Innovation Gateway

"We have always had wonderful experiences with our interns from the Summer Internship Programme, though this year seemed particularly lucky as we had two interns who fitted into the team so naturally, it was hard to say goodbye to them at the end."



"The Summer Internship Programme works really well for us, making recruiting a high-quality intern simple. The support provided by the internship office is great. The fact that the interns already have ties to the city is also a bonus, as it is generally easy for them to find somewhere to stay and they already feel settled into the city."

Julie's Bicycle

"Julie's Bicycle has had the good fortune to host two Oxford interns and are looking forward to our third. Both our interns have brightened the organisation with their passion, intelligence and insights. They fully committed to being with us and so integrated rapidly themselves into the team - critical in a small, mission-driven organisation such as ours with high demand and expectations. We were able to develop creative relationships with both of them quickly which helped to generate valuable and lasting inputs. The programme has been well designed, managed and supported centrally and the sponsorship provided by Santander has been hugely helpful to us. We are really pleased to be a part of this scheme and would recommend it without hesitation."


"Having two interns from the Oxford ECI internship programme was a great success for everyone involved. All the candidates available were of a very high quality, and the two we selected more than met our expectations. They settled in quickly and experiences"

Stockholm Environment Institute

"It was a pleasure hosting an Oxford student and tremendously helpful for our organisation (an environmental think-tank). Particularly in a fast-changing area like data science - by the end of the project the student had gained a huge amount of knowledge, often by following her own initiative, and even helped us get up to speed! Moreover her work had real value for us and the placement/programme was rewarding according for her. It was a win-win!"


Please contact Dan Hall if you have any enquiries about the Sustainability Internship Programme

Financial support from: Santander

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