Host organisation experiences

Julie's Bicycle

"Julie's Bicycle has had the good fortune to host two Oxford interns and are looking forward to our third. Both our interns have brightened the organisation with their passion, intelligence and insights. They fully committed to being with us and so integrated rapidly themselves into the team - critical in a small, mission-driven organisation such as ours with high demand and expectations. We were able to develop creative relationships with both of them quickly which helped to generate valuable and lasting inputs. The programme has been well designed, managed and supported centrally and the sponsorship provided by Santander has been hugely helpful to us. We are really pleased to be a part of this scheme and would recommend it without hesitation."


"Having two interns from the Oxford ECI internship programme was a great success for everyone involved. All the candidates available were of a very high quality, and the two we selected more than met our expectations. They settled in quickly and experiences"

Stockholm Environment Institute

"It was a pleasure hosting an Oxford student and tremendously helpful for our organisation (an environmental think-tank). Particularly in a fast-changing area like data science - by the end of the project the student had gained a huge amount of knowledge, often by following her own initiative, and even helped us get up to speed! Moreover her work had real value for us and the placement/programme was rewarding according for her. It was a win-win!"

Intern experiences

Emily Martin

"I secured an internship with KeepCup through the Oxford internship programme quite late in the summer and it has turned out to be a fantastic fit. I was given my own project to work on during my eight weeks there, culminating in a presentation to the company’s Brand Manager and CEO. It was an amazing opportunity to manage my own work independently and to research two areas that were of direct importance and relevance to the company. The team at KeepCup were really welcoming and I was supported really well; I was given enough freedom to take my own initiative but I was always provided with guidance and direction when it was needed."

ECI Intern 2015 with KeepCup | Undergraduate student on PPE course

Felix Bischoff

"After the MSc, I spent three months interning the with Environmental Sustainability team at GlaxoSmithKline in London. This experience was an excellent first-hand insight into working on corporate sustainability issues. Specifically, I worked on a project aiming to identify and quantify water-related risks in GSK's global supply chain and operations. I thoroughly enjoyed working as part of the team, and appreciated having my own project and set responsibilities to work on during my time at GSK. I would recommend it to anyone who would like to gain a bit more practical experience before choosing their career path after the ECM course."

ECI Intern 2014 at GlaxoSmithKline | Graduate student on MSc in Environmental Change and Management

Katie Fensome

"I've been working for three months as a GIS and remote sensing intern for the Bruno Manser Fonds, a Swiss NGO which supports the indigenous Penan of Malaysian Borneo to protect and sustainably manage their forests. My role was to map logging incursions into indigenous territories which will become part of community atlases for the Penan. I also had some other responsibilities such as completing press reviews. I had regular meetings with my immediate boss who was supportive and enthusiastic, and made me feel a valued part of the team. Everyone at BMF was incredibly friendly and created a great collaborative working atmosphere. Recently, the organisation offered a further 6 months' work leading a pilot community-based forest monitoring project with the Penan, and to help complete the atlases. I was thrilled to be asked to do this, and am very excited about the coming year."

ECI Intern 2015 at Bruno Manser Fund, Basel, Switzerland

Georgina Chandler

"3Keel was a fantastic opportunity for me to gain experience in consulting. The internship also allowed me to branch out into other areas of sustainability, gaining insight into business and supply chains, while still maintaining my biodiversity background. It was a varied experience and i worked on a wide range of projects and as a result acquired a wide range of new skills!"

ECI Intern 2015 at 3Keel

Kaylan Dutia

"I’ve been lucky to be involved in lots of different aspects of the running of Pilio, from web analytics to product research. I’ve enjoyed developing (and beginning to build!) skills when setting up the Google Analytics and Adwords accounts, and thinking about SEO with Annah. The MATLAB data processing was a challenge but will definitely help me with my degree and programming in general. It has also been great learning about the energy sector, particularly when researching other energy management competitors – it’s not really a sector you’re currently forced to think about before you go and work in it. Being able to see the ElecWatch pilot through from start to finish and be involved in all steps in the process has been really beneficial, and told me I should probably take a step away to learn about project management! I look forward to hearing about Pilio’s future successes."

ECI Intern 2015 at Pilio | Graduate student on MEng course

Alexandra Pons

“My internship involved developing social risk strategy and management plans, developing reports, interviewing members, research for pre-audit due diligence material and creating presentations. The company has a very comprehensive induction process in which the intern gets to meet every single member of the team in all of the regional offices. Synergy is a wonderful place with wonderful workers who are welcoming, helpful and friendly. They value interns as part of the team and are constantly looking for ways to help the intern learn as much as possible”.

ECI Intern 2015 at Synergy Global Consulting, 2015

Harry Begg

"I was very inspired by Julie’s Bicycle team - a welcoming and interesting group to work with over the six-week internship. They showed a passionate commitment to environmental sustainability, and the ways that arts and culture can inform and potentially transform people's attitudes to climate change. Whilst with JB, I assisted the team in preparing for a conference being run with the Arts and Humanities Research Council, as well as the UN COP21 being held in Paris in November 2015. In particular, I researched ideas surrounding cultural value and what audiences can take from artistic and cultural experience. The internship has developed my interests for Masters and future PhD research, and I am grateful to JB for all of the help and support they have given during my time with them."

ECi Intern at Julie’s Bicycle, 2015

Catherine McCosker

"I very much enjoyed my internship at 3 Keel, both the work and the people. I had not done any consulting before so it was a good chance to gain a better understanding of this career as well as some experience. I will be staying on to work full-time and I am very excited to be doing so."

ECI Intern 2014 at 3Keel | Graduate student on MSc in Evidence Based Social Intervention

Kimberley Paige Johnson

"During my 6 week internship with Julie's Bicycle I was welcomed into the JB family and taught the value of reaching the arts industry with the message of sustainability. My projects included researching current climate and energy policy to create reports and briefs that can be used by JB in their evaluation and reporting; writing case studies, specifically on music festivals that have improved their environmental impacts in recent years; editing and proof-reading reports that summarise JBs work and achievements. The team members worked with me to create projects that I was excited about, and offered to provide opportunities for experience in areas I was interested in learning more about. Overall I had a fantastic experience at JB where I learned a great deal about sustainability consulting and the current climate and energy landscape. The people on the JB team were excited about their work and were excellent to work with, and I highly recommend this internship."

ECi Intern at Julie’s Bicycle, 2015

Ana Lawry

"During my time working with Projects Galapagos, I assisted a lot in the teaching projects teaching English to children aged 11-13. As well as teaching I helped out in the office, assisting the development and organisation of new projects, translating texts and general admin. On Fridays I helped run an Eco Club for teenagers from the local schools. I also assisted in various conservation projects e.g sea lion monitoring, re-plantation of endemic species, marine clean-ups and upkeep of the giant tortoise breeding centre."

ECI Intern 2015 at Galapagos Island Project | Graduate student, MChem

Yunshu Li

"I worked on a range of tasks during the internship. At the beginning, I was responsible for extracting useful data from multiple sources to create Excel models. Prior to this, I had little experience with Excel and it was a very steep learning curve. I also worked on some business development tasks, such as helping out with bids or researching new business opportunities. In the fifth week, I became involved in researching environmental policies and business opportunities in Asia. My supervisor invited me to meetings and conference calls. I particularly enjoyed these business development tasks as they required me to speak to and interact with people from the organisation. This internship experience has been a very insightful one. I would certainly consider a career in this sector."

ECI Intern 2015 at Carbon Trust, London

Kathryn Poole

"I worked on a forestry modelling project, gaining practical knowledge on how to develop and interpret social simulations. I also supported the research team in collecting, analysing and visualising data. Everyone in the office was very friendly and there was a really collaborative atmosphere."

ECI Intern 2015 at Stockholm Environment Institute, Oxford

Julia Jayne Barrott

"During my time with SEI Oxford (so far - ongoing) I have been involved with managing and adding content to the weADAPT knowledge platform and contributing towards research deliverables related to the Climate Change and Forests in the Congo Basin: Synergies between Adaptation and Mitigation (COBAM) project. On completing my PhD I knew I wanted a career that contributed towards the realisation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, but, having done 'hard science', wasn't sure how I could achieve that. This internship has given me insight into how such impact is achieved in the social sciences and how I can use my skills in this area. It has also given me ideas for possible future collaboration between the earth/natural sciences and social sciences that I could pursue if I continue in academic research."

ECI Intern 2015 at Stockholm Environment Institute, Oxford

Kamilla Abilova

"I was mostly involved in R&D work, as well as business activities including brand development. I truly enjoyed my internship. I was working in a shared office space, so I managed to meet a lot of people and learn about a lot of new, innovative projects and ideas. Working in the heart of London and being a part of this environment has been very incredibly inspiring and stimulating. As a result of my internship I discovered a completely new-to-me 'business side' of the energy management field, and developed a good understanding and strong interest in the area. I believe this experience has helped me to set my goals regarding career field and location."

ECI Intern 2015 Pilio, London

Internship opportunities for 2019

Internship opportunities for placements in the summer/autumn 2019 are posted in Hilary and Trinity terms.