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Dan Hall

SIP Coordinator

Past Internship opportunities for 2020

Internship opportunities for placements in the summer/autumn 2020 are posted in Hilary and Trinity terms.

Intern experiences

Emma Wells

Emma Wells

"This internship has taught me a great deal about citizen-led change, and its essential role in delivering targeted, sustainable outcomes. My favourite aspect of the internship has been the quantity and quality of discussions I've had with people from all sorts of backgrounds."

ECI Intern 2019 at Good Food Oxford | 3rd year student, BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economy

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Claire Nakabugo

"My line managers were always empowering me to take ownership of my work and become more visible within the company and with clients (...). Overall it was a very positive experience, and I especially recommend doing an internship as a great avenue to gain international working experience."

Intern 2019 at International Hydropower Association | MSc in Water Science, Policy and Management

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Charles Worthington

"The internship was a really positive professional experience. It absolutely confirmed that I want to work in research and policy, and encouraged me to look for more opportunities in sustainable development, not something I had much specific experience of before."

ECI Intern 2019 at the International Water Management Institute (IWMI) | MSc Migration Studies

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The ECI’s Sustainability Internship Programme is an extremely important strand in our mission.

The internship programme helps us to equip the next generation of environmental leaders with the skills, experience and networks that they will need to make a real contribution to sustainability during their careers.

Professor Jim Hall, former Director ECI (2011-2018)

Jim Hall

By the end of the 10 weeks, the interns were delivering their own projects to the same level we would expect from much more experienced permanent colleagues in our team. It is definitely a programme I can recommend, and one we will be using again.

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