Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford

International Conference: June 2018

Session 1: Introduction

Yadvinder Malhi Overview of Forests and Framing of the Conference Listen to talkView slides

Session 2: Defining and Measuring Intactness

James Watson, University of Queensland Why does the world need to care about intactness? Listen to talkView slides
Tom Evans, Wildlife Conservation Society Methods and Approaches for Measuring Intactness Listen to talkview slides

Session 3: Measuring Intactness

Peter Potapov, University of Maryland Where the forest wildlands are and why we should protect them? Listen to talkView slides
Hedley Grantham, Wildlife Conservation Society A rapid and flexible tool for measuring forest intactness globally Listen to talkView slides
Ellen Watson, High Conservation Value Resource Network Where the forest wildlands are and why we should protect them? Listen to talkView slides
Leo Bottrill, MapHubs Mainstreaming IFL Loss Reporting Listen to talkView slides
Nikolay Shmatkov, WWF-Russia hcvf.ru - A tool for flagging HCV sites” Listen to talkSlides unavailable
Liz Goldman, World Resources Institute Global Forest Watch Tools Listen to talkView slides
Paulo C. Moreno, Center for Research in Ecosystems of Patagonia (CIEP) Temperate forests as ecosystem references from the watershed perspective: Distribution and coverage of Patagonian watersheds with limited intervention (40 °S to 56°S) Listen to talkView slides
Svetlana Turubanova, University of Maryland Primary forest monitoring in the tropics” Listen to talkView slides

Session 4: Changing Geography of Intactness

Jeff Wells, International Boreal Conservation Campaign & Boreal Songbird Initiative Canada’s Intact Forest Landscapes: Threats and Opportunities Audio unavailableSlides unavailable
Miroslav Svoboda, Czech University of Life Sciences Where are Europe’s last primary forests? Audio currently unavailableView slides
Franziska Taubert, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research GmbH Global patterns of forest fragmentation Listen to talkView slides
Susanne Schmitt, WWF-UK Assessing the extent of extractive industries over intact forest landscapes (IFL) within the three major tropical WWF priority ecoregions Listen to talkSlides unavailable

Session 4: Historical and Future Perspectives on Intactness

Sandra Nogué, University of Southampton How to quantify forest intactness using the palaeoecological framework? Listen to talkView slides
Francis E. Mayle, University of Reading Impact of climate change and human land use upon southern Amazonian transitional forests over the past 6,000 years Listen to talkView slides
Richard Smith, University of Reading Lessons from the past: What can we learn from vegetation simulations of mid-Holocene tropical South America? Listen to talkSlides unavailable
Miroslav Svoboda, Czech University of Life Sciences What can we learn about natural disturbances from the remaining temperate primary forests in Europe? Listen to talkView slides

Session 5: Values Derived from Intactness (Biodiversity)

Anand Osuri, Columbia University The role of animals in intact tropical forests Listen to talkView slides
Charlie Gardner, University of Kent Quantifying defaunation impacts on natural forest regeneration globally Audio unavailableSlides unavailable
Paul F. Donald, BirdLife International The importance of Intact Forest Landscapes (IFL) for bird conservation Audio unavailableSlides unavailable
David Morgan, Lincoln Park Zoo Environmental Factors of Intact Forest Landscapes Influential in Great Ape Abundances Listen to talkView slides
Justina Ray, Wildlife Conservation Society Addressing Canada’s international biodiversity and climate commitments through the eyes of boreal caribou Audio unavailableSlides unavailable
Noëlle Kümpel, BirdLife International and Zoological Society of London Links between defaunation of hunted terrestrial vertebrates, carbon storage and sequestration: a systematic map Listen to talkView slides
Sarah Oldfield, IUCN The conservation status of trees and forest intactness Listen to talkView slides
Sean Maxwell Estimated emissions from recent degradation of intact forests Listen to talkView slides
Lan Qie The impacts of fragmentation on forest above-ground biomass carbon dynamics Listen to talkView slides
David Coomes Using LiDAR to assess forest intactness / degradation Listen to talkView slides

Session 5: Values Derived from Intactness (Benefits to Local Climates, Natural Fire Regimes and Human Health)

Dominick V. Spracklen, University of Leeds Impact of intact forests on local and regional climate Talk unavailableSlides unavailable
Erika Berenguer, University of Oxford Fire impacts on tree mortality in intact and degraded Amazonian forests Listen to talkSlides unavailable
Kris Murray, Imperial College London Cracking open or keeping a lid on: The Pandora’s Box of human infectious disease risks associated with intact forests Listen to talkView slides
David Ellison, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and Ellison Consulting The Forest-Water Divide – Is More Debate Really Necessary? Listen to talkView slides

Session 6: Maintaining important values in logged forests

Matthew G. Hethcoat, University of Sheffield The effects of logging on measures of intactness/A machine learning approach to map selective logging Audio unavailableSlides unavailable
Courtenay Lewis and Anthony Swift, Natural Resources Defence Council Under the Radar: Degradation in Canada’s Boreal Forest and Climate Consequences Listen to talkView slides
Brian Milakovsky, WWF International [presented by Tim Rayden, Wildlife Conservation Society] Direct and indirect impacts of forest management on intact forest landscapes: the debate within the Forest Stewardship Council Listen to talkView slides
Fritz Kleinschroth, ETH Zürich Reconciling certification and intact forest landscape conservation Listen to talkView slides
James Acworth, Independent Consultant Participatory local land use planning – an option to reconcile competing pressures on “intact forest fragments” on the Western-most fringes of the Congo Basin Forest? Listen to talkView slides
Frances Seymour Policy options for protecting intact forests Listen to talkView slides

Session 7: International Policies and Financial Instruments I

Paul Jepson, University of Oxford Intact forests in contexts Listen to talkView slides
Sally Johnson, Fairfields Consulting Policy measures to minimize damage to intact forests by extractive industries Audio unavailableView slides
Jason Funk, The Center for Carbon Removal State of intact forests and unmanaged lands under the UNFCCC Listen to talkView slides
Jeff Fiedler, The Nature Conservancy Possible policy options for preserving and financing intact forests in the UNFCCC Listen to talkView slides
Winston Lackin, Ambassador for the Environment, State Advisor to the President of the Republic of Suriname Perspective from a High Forest cover Low Deforestation Country Audio currently unavailableView slides
Johannes Pirker, IIASA Because the future is not what it used to be: A forward-looking approach to estimating future forest conversion Listen to talkView slides
Adam Gibbon, Althelia Funds If we want to change how land is managed we need to change how it is financed Listen to talkView slides
Daniela Rey Christensen, Climate Law and Policy The role safeguards play in the legitimacy and success of policy actions for the preservation and restoration of forests Audio currently unavailableSlides unavailable
Mihail Hanzu Governance of virgin forests in Romania Listen to talkView slides

Session 7: International Policies and Financial Instruments II

Ismael Nobre, Universidade Estadual de Campinas The Amazon Third Way Initiative - Radically changing the sustainable development paradigm for the Amazon Audio currently unavailableView slides
Sergio Henrique Collaco de Carvalho, Brazilian Ministry of the Environment Intact forests as public goods, a complementary argument for structuring funding mechanisms Listen to talkView slides

Session 8: Effectiveness of Protection for Maintaining Intactness I

Tom Griffiths, Forest Peoples Programme Securing indigenous peoples’ territories and sustaining forest in Latin America Audio unavailableSlides unavailable
Lauren Coad, CIFOR Building capacity for the global protected areas network: an evaluation of PA effectiveness and management gaps Listen to talkView slides

Session 8: Effectiveness of Protection for Maintaining Intactness II

Jason Scullion, McDaniel College The Role of Institutional Failure and Public Institutions in Intact Forest Conservation Audio currently unavailableSlides unavailable
Caroline Haywood, ClientEarth Strong national laws as vital to stemming forest conversion Listen to talkView slides
Lauren Coad, CIFOR The impact of wild meat hunting on biodiversity inside protected areas, and potential management solutions Listen to talkView slides
Pablo Negret, University of Queensland Are protected areas preventing deforestation in Colombia? Listen to talkView slides
Rachel Friedman, University of Queensland Community and Conservation? A Case Study of Social Forestry in Indonesian Borneo Listen to talkView slides
Nathalie Butt, University of Queensland and University of Oxford Fatal pressure on forest resources Listen to talkView slides

Conference Posters

Forests, Wind, and Water: How forest cover in South America impacts regional wind speeds and atmospheric moisture transport Emory Ellis, Hampshire College
How Protected Areas Fail. The Story of Two Biosphere Reserves in Central America Jason Scullion, McDaniel College
Definition dissonance in the Amazon: do inter-disciplinary differences in key term interpretation hinder the debate around past and present human influence in Amazonia? Oliver Wilson, University of Reading
Millennial-scale history of RAINFOR Forest Plots in Bolivia James Hill, University of Reading
Comparison on Net Primary Production Partitioning along Global Environmental Gradients Xian-cheng Lu, National Taiwan University
The HCV Approach as a Tool for Protecting Forest Values Ellen Watson, High Conservation Value Resource Network
Forest-forming tree species diversity and distribution over Siberia under climate change in XXI century” E.I. Parfenova, Forest Institute of FRC KSC SB RAS
Measuring Integrity of Porous Forest Landscape: Forest landscape with rooms for development” A. Dwiputra, CGIAR
Approaching Forest Degradation Monitoring [Delta-r-NBR] Andreas Johannes Langner, Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission
Giant kelps along the coastline of Patagonia: mapping intact submarine forests” Alejandra Mora Soto, University of Oxford
Impacts of habitat fragmentation on rainforest regeneration Gail Stride, University of York
“Prey Long Economic Forest, the sound of Destruction in Cambodia” – Khun Bunnath, ADB/MLMUPC/CLUP Project, Cambodia
The Rainforest Business School Maritta Koch-Weser, Earth 3000
Forest Conservation in Nepal: A review Ineej Manandhar, Hariyo Ban Program, WWF Nepal
Global Trends in Forest Vertebrates Elizabeth Green, UNEP-WCMC