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Cécile Girardin


All talks are 20 minutes, with 20 minutes discussion

Day one

Session 1, Introduction

9.00-9.20Overview and Introduction

Prof. Yadvinder Malhi
Oxford Centre for Tropical Forests, Environmental Change Institute, Oxford University

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Session 2, Introduction to African rainforests

9.30-10.10 The range and variety of African moist forests in the context of their conservation.

Prof. Lee White
National Park's Service, Gabon

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10.10-10.50 Biomass, Productivity and Diversity of African tropical forests: results from 120 long-term forest plots spanning a continent.

Dr. Simon Lewis
University of Leeds

10.50-11.10 Coffee
11.10-11.50 Patterns and drivers of African tropical climate.

Prof. Mark New
University of Cape Town

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11.50-12.30 Climatic control on the structure and functioning of the moist forest in the Congo Basin.

Dr. Valery Gond

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12.30-1.30 Lunch

Session 3, The History of Human Interactions with Climate and Forests

1.30-2.10 Millenial scale climatic driving of Central African vegetation and human occupation.

Dr. Charly Favier
Université Montpellier 2

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2:10-2:50 Climatic and Cultural changes in the Congo basin over the past 5,000 years.

Dr. Richard Oslisly

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2.50-3.10 Coffee
3.10-3.50 Regional Drought Stress and Local Compensation, geomorphology and hydrology determining forest survival during the Last Glacial Maximum and Late Holocene.

Dr. Miguel Leal
Wildlife Conservation Society

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3.50-5.00 Panel Discussion:
How have human history and climate shaped the nature of African rainforests, and what implications does this have for their resilience or vulnerability to 21st century change?"
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5.00-6.45 Posters and drinks
7:30 Dinner, Oxford Natural History Museum.

Day 2

Session 4, The History of Human Interactions with Climate and Forests

9.00-9.40 Climate change projections for the African tropics.

Prof. Myles Allen
Oxford University
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9.40-10.20 Implications of global warming for the climate of West Africa and the Congo Basin.

Rachel James
Oxford University
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10.20-10.40 Coffee

Session 5, Contemporary change in the dynamics of African forests / Effects of climate change on forest cover and function

10.40-11.20 Changes in the distribution and carbon cycle of African forests in response to atmospheric change.

Prof. Yadvinder Malhi
Oxford Centre for Tropical Forests, Environmental Change Institute, Oxford University
Dr Chris Huntingford
Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Wallingford
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11.20-12.00 Remote sensing for drought in African forests.

Prof. Sassan Saatchi
California Institute of Technology
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12.00-12.40 Drought-induced shifts in the floristic and functional composition of tropical forests in Ghana.

Sophie Fauset
University of Leeds
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12.40-1.40 Lunch
1.40-2.20 Relationship between climate and plant functional types in the Congo Basin.

Dr. Rita Wania
Université Montpellier 2
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12.00-12.40 Cocoa migrations, climate change, and deforestation in West Africa – what does the past tell us about the future?

Dr. Francois Ruf
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3.00-3.20 Coffee
3.20-4.00 Linking long-term perspectives to 21st century management of African tropical forests

Prof Kathy Willis
University of Oxford
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4.00-5.00 Panel Discussion:
What do we know about climate change and its impacts on African rainforests, and what do we need to know?
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5.00-6.30 Posters and drinks
7.30 Dinner in a College

Day 3

Session 6, Deforestation, logging and hunting: direct pressures on the African tropical forests

9.00-9.40 Patterns of land use change in the African tropics.

Dr. Phillipe Mayaux
Joint Research Centre, European Commission
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9.40-10.20 LUCID: African land carbon storage and fluxes over the last decade

Prof Mark Maslin
Dept of Geography, University College London
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10.20-10.40 Coffee
10.40-11.20 The extent and consequences of bushmeat hunting.

Dr. Kate Abernethy
University of Stirling, UK and Institute for Tropical Ecology Research, Gabon
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11.20-12.00 Logging in central Africa: extent and impact.

Dr. Sylvie Gourlet-Fleury
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12.00-12.30 Discussion
12.30-2.00 Lunch

Session 7, Forest conservation in the 21st century: potential and challenges

2.00-2.40 REDD+ in Africa: progress, potential, challenges

John Mason
Nature Conservation Research Centre
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2.40-3.20 Overview of REDD+ in the Congo Basin.

Dr. Danae Maniatis
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3.20-3.40 Coffee
3.40-4.20 Beyond scientific knowledge for reducing deforestation: will financial incentives make the difference in African fragile States?

Dr. Alain Karsenty
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4.20-5.00 Community resource management as a strategy to manage African forest resources.

Dr. Rebecca Asare
Forest Trends/NCRC
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5.00-6:00 Final Discussion
Navigating a future for African rainforests in the contaxt of land use pressure and climate change

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