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Presentation Downloads

The conference contained 35 oral presentation and 18 poster presentations. All available presentations and audio recordings are below. A selection of the keynote presentations are available to watch in video format via iTunesU. Watch the videos (Please note, you will need iTunes on your computer for this to work).

Oral presentations last approximately 20 minutes.

Download a full programme, including detailed timings.

Download speaker abstracts

Session 1, Conference Opening

Chair: Dr Mark New Audio

Prof John Schellnhuber
Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
Terra quasi-incognita: beyond the 2°C lineSlidesAudio

Dr Richard Betts
Met Office Hadley Centre
Regional climate changes at 4+°CSlidesAudio

Prof Nigel Arnell
University of Reading
4+°C: impacts across the global scale SlidesAudio


Session 2, Agriculture, Food and Water Security 1

Chair: Prof Diana Liverman

Dr Philip Thornton
International Livestock Research Institute, Nairobi; Institute of Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences, University of Edinburgh
4+°C: what might this mean for agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa?SlidesAudio

Dr Polly Ericksen
GECAFS / ECI, University of Oxford
Adapting African food systems to a 4+°C world SlidesAudio

Dr Reimund Rotter
MTT Agrifood Research Finland
What would happen to barley production in Finland if global temperature increases above 4+°C?SlidesAudio

Mr Rasack Nayamuth
Mauritius Sugar Industry Research Institute
4+°C: A Drastic reduction in the renewable energy potential of sugarcaneSlidesAudio


Session 3, Agriculture, Food and Water Security 2

Chair: Prof Nigel Arnell

Dr Andrew Challinor
University of Leeds
Crop yields at 4+°C: implications for adaptationSlidesAudio
Dr Fai Fung
Tyndall Centre, University of Oxford
Risked posed to global water availability by a 4+°C climate change SlidesAudio coming soon
Dr Matthew Charlton
Walker Institute
Limits to adaptation: implications of global temperature changes beyond 4+°C for water supply in southern EnglandSlidesAudio coming soon
Prof Anders Levermann
Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
Basic mechanism for abrupt monson transitionsSlidesAudio

Session 4, Ecosystems and Ecosystem Services

Chair: Dr Mark New

Prof Yadvinder Malhi
Environmental Change Insitute, School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford
Tropical forests in a 4+°C worldSlidesAudio
Prof Wolfgang Cramer
Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
Changing climate, land use and fire in Amazonia under high warming scenarios SlidesAudio
Prof Andy Moffat
Forest Research
Living with uncertainty – UK forestry beyond 4+°CSlidesAudio
Jose Marengo
Earth System Science Centre/National Institute for Space Research, Brazil
Projected impacts of 4+°C warming in the semiarid lands of northeast BrazilSlidesAudio

Session 5: Vulnerable People and Places 1

Chair: Dr Chris West

Dr Pier Vellinga
Wageningen University
Sea level rise and impacts in a 4+°C World SlidesAudio
Prof Stefan Rahmstorf
Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
Sea-level rise in a 4°C world SlidesAudio
Diogo de Gusmao
Met Office Hadley Centre
Sea level rise projections for the warmest IPCC SRES simulationsSlidesAudio
Prof Robert Nicholls
Sally Brown
University of Southampton
Impacts of sea-level rise at 4+°CSlidesAudio
Dr Jochen Hinkel
Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
The impacts of sea-level rise on coastal nations with and without mitigation. An application of the DIVA and IMAGE modelsSlidesAudio

Session 6: Vulnerable People and Places 2

Chair: Dr Richard Betts

Prof David Karoly
University of Melbourne
Wildfire in a 4+°C World SlidesAudio
Dr Simon Hales
World Health Organisation
Estimating human population health impacts in a 4+°C worldSlidesAudio
Dr Francois Gemenne
Sciences Po Paris
Climate-Induced Population Displacements in a 4+°C WorldSlidesAudio
Dr Pamela McElwee
Arizona State University
Social Vulnerability and Adaptation Possibilities for Vietnam in a 4+°C World SlidesAudio

Session 7, Panel Discussion

4°C of climate change: alarmist or realist?Audio

Prof Diana Liverman, Mark Lynas, Dr Kevin Anderson, Dr Chris West, Ian Noble and James Painter

Session 8, Adaptation

Chair: Prof Diana Liverman

Prof Leonard Smith
London School of Economics
One, Two, Three, More: Challenges to Describing a Warmer World SlidesAudio
Dr Mark Stafford Smith
How adaptation decision-making is affected by the potential for 4+°C SlidesAudio
Dr Michael Morecroft
Natural England
Nature conservation in a 4+°C world - a luxury or a necessity?SlidesAudio
Ms Lisa Horrocks
The implications of 4+°C warming for adaptation strategies in the UK: time to change?SlidesAudio

Session 9: Avoiding Large Climate Changes

Chair: Prof Diana Liverman

Dr Jason Lowe
The Met Office
4+°C: the emissions reduction challenge Slides not availableAudio not available
Dr Myles Allen
Department of Physics, University of Oxford
What will it take to avoid 2, 3 and 4+°C? the importance of cumulative emissionsSlidesAudio
Dr Rob Swart
Wageningen University and Research Centre
Beyond 4°C: should we reconsider our options?SlidesAudio
Ms Holly Preston
Dalton Research Institute, Manchester Metropolitan University
The role of international transportation sectors in climate stabilizationSlidesAudio

Session 10: Avoiding Large Climate Changes 2

Chair: Dr Mark New

Prof Kevin Anderson
Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research
Global emission pathways: balancing Annex 1 mitigation with non-Annex 1 development SlidesAudio
Prof Bertrand Guillaume
University of Technology or Troyes
Avoiding a 4+°C world: A challenge for democracy SlidesAudio
Dr Hari Dulal
The World Bank
Greenhouse Gas Contributions and Mitigation Potential of Agriculture: Creating Incentives within the Existing Carbon Trading Agreements SlidesAudio

Poster Sessions

Agriculture, water and food security

Prof. Raul Ponce-Hernandez
Trent University
A model-based approach to predicting the effects of global warming four degrees and beyond on ecosystem primary productivity, land degradatoin and food security at national scale: Case Study Ethiopia
Dr. Helena Kahiluoto
Agrifood Research Finland
Implications of 4+°C global warming on potential of carbon trading for mitigation and food security - analytical framework and an Ethiopian case
Dr. Yasuaki Hijioka
National Institute for Environmental Studies
Implications of 4° in Japan. -- Quantitative analysis of sectoral impacts of climate change in Japan using an integrated assessment model, AIM/Impact[Policy]
Mr. Jens Heinke
Potsdam-Institute for Climate Impact Research
Implications for Global Water Availability of Extreme Global Warming Scenarios
Mr. Robert McSweeney
Atkins Water & Environment, and University of East Anglia
The implications of a 4° rise in global mean temperature for water resources in south east England

Ecosystems and ecosystem services

Dr. Humphrey Crick
Natural England
Ecosystem-based conservation in a 4+°C world
Dr. Elena Parfenova
Forest Institute
Conifer trees of the South Siberia Mountains in a changing climate of XXI Century
Dr. Stephan A. Pietsch
BOKU University of Naturalö Resources and Applied Life Sciences
4+°C: Ecosystem Resilience and Predictability
Mr. Przemyslaw Zelazowski
University of Oxford
The influence of variation in climate simulations on the simulated response of tropical forests to a global 4 degrees warming

Vulnerable people and places

Dr. Matthew Eames
University of Exeter
Predicting temperatures within buildings and the heat stress on occupants under substantial climate change
Prof. Clive Hamilton
Australian National University/Yale University
Adaptive Coping Strategies in a 4+°C World
Mr. Abdeltif El Ouahrani
University Abdelmalek Essaadi
Climate Change and Mediterranean region: vulnerability and opportunities
Dr. Gernot Brodnig
World Bank
A View From the Top: Vulnerability and Adaptation in Mountain Systems
Dr. Sally Brown
University of Southampton
Sea level response and impacts to a 1°C to 7°C temperature rise by 2100

Avoiding large climate changes

Mr. Markus Hageman
Ecofys GmbH
The role of sectoral characteristics in designing mechanism for participation of developing countries
Dr. Robin Hickman
Oxford University
Backcasting for low carbon transport
Dr. Jasper Knight
University of Exeter
Landscape responses to future climate change in glaciated mountains
Dr. Katja Frieler
Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK)
Applications of pattern scaling for probabilistic assessment of regional climate impacts

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