Diesel Deception - the Volkswagen emission scandal and its aftermath

Panel discussion | 11 March 2016, 4-6pm

Halford Mackinder Lecture Theatre, School of Geography and the Environment

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  • Dr Bettina Wittneben
    Lecturer and Advisor, Strategic Environmental Management

    Presentation: David Scott Moore, MSc Student


  • Professor Frances Bowen
    Deputy Head of School and Professor of Innovation School of Business and Management Queen Mary, University of London

    Discussant: Matthew Dixon, MSc Student

  • Ben Caldecott
    Director, Sustainable Finance Programme Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment University of Oxford

    Discussant: Tanya Gemperle, MSc Student

  • David Powell
    Associate Director of Environment New Economics Foundation, London

    Discussant: Laura West, MSc Student

  • Professor Tim Schwanen
    Director and Associate Professor Transport Studies Unit University of Oxford

    Discussant: Chuanwen Yu, MSc Student