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We host over 40 international doctoral students to undertake primary research related to the many facets of environmental change.

About the DPhil

Our DPhil programme is a 3-year full-time research degree and a core and integral part of the ECI. Students undertake a range of interdisciplinary and international projects which span the ECI's research interests. Find out more about the programme, how to find a supervisor and possible funding opportunities.

How to apply

The ECI's doctoral students are admitted to the DPhil in the School of Geography and the Environment and become affiliated to the ECI through supervision or work on one of ECI's funded projects. Explore their webpages for details on how to apply.

Completed DPhils

Over 60 doctoral students have completed DPhils with the ECI since the 1990s and gone on to exciting and varied careers across the world. Explore the past students and get some insights into the varied opportunities that exist for research students.

Current doctoral students

Mohammed Sarfaraz Gani Adnan

Beyond polders: Diagnosing complex flooding processes and human impacts in the coastal region of Bangladesh

Supervisor: Prof. Jim Hall

Daniel Adshead

Delivering on the Sustainable Development Goals through long-term infrastructure planning

Supervisor: Prof. Jim Hall

Laura Brinker

Energy decisions and governance: implications of retail market design for decentralized energy resources

Supervisor: Prof. Nick Eyre

Vanessa Burns

Oceanic assembleges: conceputalising El Nino Southern Oscillation as a more than human oceanography

Supervisor: Dr Tom Thornton

Changsoon Choi

Climate-smart green infrastructure

Supervisors: Dr Pam Berry; Alison Smith

Tess Doeffinger

Evaluating Water Security: Diagnostics and Trends

Supervisor: Prof. Jim Hall

Bill Finnegan

Education in the climate emergency: Smart grids, digital storytelling and the quest for net-zero schools in the UK

Supervisors: Dr Sarah Darby; Dr Tina Fawcett

Lena I. Fuldauer

Climate-resilient system transitions to deliver on the Sustainable Development Goals

Supervisor: Prof. Jim Hall

Carolina Gueiros

Forest Governance in the Brazilian Amazon: Policy Change and Innovation to Curb Deforestation

Supervisors: Dr Tom Thornton; Dr Constance McDermott

Wenbo Guo

Mobility, subjective well-being and health in transitional China: towards socially sustainable cities

Supervisors: Dr Christian Brand; Prof. Tim Schwanen

Logan Hamilton

Transfer of Status: Political Decentralisation as a Driver of Change in Indonesian Village Level Forest Governance

Supervisors: Dr Tom Thornton; Dr Constance McDermott

Dina Hestad

Organising Urban Sustainability Transformations: Exploring the role, abilities, and potential of Sustainability-Oriented Hybrid Organisations

Supervisor: Dr Tom Thornton; Dr J. Tabara (Autonomous University of Barcelona)

Ohis Ilalokhoin

Resilience Assessment of Complex Infrastructure Networks - a system-of-systems approach to rail networks at national scale

Supervisors: Prof. Jim Hall; Dr Raghav Pant

Jae-Young Lee

The role of water quality in regional water resources assessment

Supervisors: Prof. Paul Whitehead; Prof. Jim Hall

Victoria Maguire-Rajpaul

Understanding West African cocoa smallholders' adaption to drought: assessing interactions between institutions, poverty and resilience

Supervisors: Prof. Yadvinder Malhi; Dr Constance McDermott; Dr Mark Hirons

Nadezhda Mamontova

Spatial Knowledge, Language, and Adaptation to the Landscape among the Ewenki of Central and Northeastern Siberia

Supervisor: Dr Tom Thornton

Diana Mastracci

How can information communication technology (ICT) assist Inupiaq hunters to respond/adapt to rapid climate change? Barrow, Alaska a case study

Supervisor: Dr Tom Thornton

Samuel Miller McDonald

Egalitarian Energy: Challenges to Neoliberal Discourse in Distributed Community Energy Programs

Supervisors: Prof. Nick Eyre; Dr Aoife Brophy Haney

Sarah O'Keefe

Climate Scenarios for Water Security in Developing Regions

Supervisors: Prof. Simon Dadson; Dr Friederike Otto

Amelia Paszkowski

The Ganges-Brahmaputra river delta: a study into the adaptability of the delta system to flood risk in a changing climate

Supervisor: Prof. Jim Hall

Laura Picot

Gender dynamics and land use change amongst smallholder farmers in sub-Saharan Africa

Supervisors: Prof. Yadvinder Malhi; Dr Constance McDermott

Joseph Poore

The extent of abandoned agricultural land and its conservation potential

Supervisors: Prof. Yadvinder Malhi; Dr Richard Grenyer; EJ Milner-Gulland (Zoology)

Nicolas Raab

Modelling tree carbon allocation, gas and energy exchange in the Amazon through functional structural models

Supervisor: Prof. Yadvinder Malhi

Jose Ramirez Mendiola

Residential electricity demand: a modelling analysis of the dynamics of household activity and energy consumption patterns

Supervisors: Prof. Nick Eyre; Prof. Jim Hall

June Rubis

(Re)imagining forest conservation landscapes and development pathways: indigenous strategies in Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo

Supervisor: Prof. Yadvinder Malhi

Aven Satre Meloy

Characterising temporal aspects of residential electricity consumption using advanced multivariate statistics

Supervisors: Prof. Nick Eyre; Dr Philipp Grünewald

Bernard Soubry

Climate Resilience on Maritime Farms: Exploring adaptation options for small-scale agriculture and food systems in Eastern Canada

Supervisor: Dr Tom Thornton; Dr Kate Sherren (Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada)

Simona Sulikova

An exploration of impacts and attitudes towards active transport modes of walking and cycling and how to change them.

Supervisors: Dr Christian Brand; Dr Linus Mattauch

Vance Z H Tan

Strategic assessment of long-term plans for adaptation to flood risk at a national scale

Supervisor: Prof. Jim Hall

Lisa Thalheimer

Climate induced human mobility: the impact of floods on migration and climate policies in developing countries

Supervisor: Dr Friederike Otto; Prof Mathias Czaika, International Migration Institute

Ella Walsh

Late Quaternary hydrological change from valley fill complexes in Namibia

Supervisors: Prof. David S.G. Thomas; Dr Sallie Burrough

Victoria Wyllie de Echeverria

Linking interactions between cultural and biological diversity on the Pacific coast of North America in the face of climate change

Supervisor: Dr Tom Thornton

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