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 School of Geography and the Environment

MSc in Environmental Change and Management

Field Trip to Lake District in April 2012

In 2014, the University of Oxford’s Master of Science (MSc) in Environmental Change and Management (ECM) celebrates 20 years at the forefront of international environmental education. It is one of the world’s most highly regarded and sought after interdisciplinary graduate environmental training programmes.

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Some basic facts about the ECM MSc

MSc brochure

  • The programme trains young international leaders in all aspects of environmental change and management, preparing them to be confident and aware practical decision-makers.
  • The course entails 12 months intensive study.
  • The course is broad-based and cross-disciplinary, with teaching staff from a wide range of departments as well as visiting lecturers from business and industry.
  • Oxford’s 39 unique colleges provide many opportunities for interdisciplinary learning and environmental leadership.
  • ECI hosts high-profile visiting speakers - in 2013, for example, Lester Brown, an environmental analyst from the US, and Lord Deben, Chairman of the UK’s independent Committee on Climate
    Change, both delivered special lectures.
  • Over 250 students apply each year from more than 40 countries, competing for 25 places.
  • Students come from a wide variety of subject backgrounds, including natural sciences, engineering, politics and international relations, environmental science, economics and the arts.
  • Students have careers in a wide range of fields, as civil servants, NGO leaders, bankers, engineers, lawyers, scientists, policy advocates, and entrepreneurs.
  • Over 600 students have now graduated, spread across more than 60 nationalities.
  • ECM graduates increasingly occupy influential positions in government, mainstream and new business sectors, international environmental research, and local civic enterprises.

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