Our water programme addresses the risks of water insecurity at river basin to global scales. We research water scarcity, floods and their impacts on ecosystems, society and the economy. Our work spans analysis of the climatic drivers of water-related risks, impacts and adaptation responses, and the governance of water systems.


Global Water Risks

We are analysing the risks of floods and droughts at a global scale, in the context of a changing climate and growing demand for water.

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Water Resources Systems

We are exploring frameworks for the sustainable management of global water resources

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Flood Risk Management

We are analysing the risks of flooding and analysing options for adapting society to flood risk in the future.

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Water news

Report shows water insecurity is a 'drag' on local economy.

- Final report of the GWP/OECD Task Force on Water Security and Sustainable Growth 2015 -

‘Securing Water, Sustaining Growth’

A new report shows floods, droughts and a lack of investment in providing good quality, reliable water supplies is dragging down the global economy.

Steps towards global flood risk modelling

Editorial by Professor Jim Hall on the introduction of flood risk analysis into the global mainstream.

  • August 2014

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Water Programme staff

Dr Helen GavinDr Helen GavinProject Manager: MARIUS project
Professor Jim HallProfessor Jim HallDirector of the ECI | Professor of Climate and Environmental Risks
 Paul Sayers Paul SayersHonorary Research Associate
 Mike Simpson Mike SimpsonResearcher
 Alastair Strickland Alastair StricklandOxford Water Network Coordinator

Doctoral research

Edoardo Borgomeo

Water resources adaptation decisions in the context of climatic non-stationarity and variability

Iliana Cardenes Trujillo

Saving energy and saving water: a comparative study in policy and regulation

Linda Geaves

Responses to changing flood risk: The impact of stakeholder choices, motivations and information upon vulnerability

Franziska Gaupp

Global risks to food supplies of correlated droughts

Balqis Rehan Mohammed

Developing robust decision making strategies for dealing with uncertainties in flow variability for hydrological extremes

Kevin Wheeler

Cooperation or Conflict in Trans-boundary Rivers with the Emergence of climate variability: a case study of the Nile River

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