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 School of Geography and the Environment

ECI Research

ECI Research aims to:

  • advance understanding of the processes of change in complex human and natural systems
  • explore sustainable solutions
  • influence change through education and partnership.

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ECI is involved in a wide range of research projects that address the impacts of climate change, the possibilities for adaptation, the evolution of climate policy and the communication of climate change data and issues to society. Read more about ECI's climate research.


ECI is advancing our scientific understanding of ecosystems and their role in the Earth's system. Researchers are examining how humans and other species interact with these ecosystems, particularly in the context of climate change, and exploring the social, cultural and political impact of such interactions. Using this knowledge we can advise how best to respond to the changes and help people live in harmony with the environment around them. Read more about ECI's ecosystems research.


In order to move towards a lower carbon economy, we must understand the links between social and individual behaviour, technologies, policy formulation and markets. As 50% of energy use in industrial economies is in the home and for personal transport, we have concentrated our research in these areas, but we are increasingly working on broader issues. These include infrastructures of energy supply and demand, governance, and the role of professions in designing, constructing and managing buildings. Read more about ECI's energy research.


ECI has an internationally-recognised track record in food systems research, with special emphasis on the interactions with environmental change. Key strengths include using a food systems lens to research food security issues, and developing research partnerships with a wide range of stakeholders including business, policy, development agencies, NGOs and academia at large. Read more about ECI's food research.


ECI’s water programme addresses the risks of water insecurity at river basin to global scales. We research water scarcity, floods and their impacts on ecosystems, society and the economy. Our work spans analysis of the climatic drivers of water-related risks, impacts and adaptation responses, and the governance of water systems. Read more about ECI's water research.

ECI Research Affiliations

UKCIP UK Infrastructure Transitions Research Consortium Climate Change, Agriculture and food Security Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research Oxford Martin SchoolOxford Centre for Tropical Forests UK Energy Research Centre CLIMSAVE consortium