Conversion and use of energy is the fundamental driver of many environmental problems, notably climate change. Future energy systems will need to be highly efficient and based on sustainable resources. The ECI’s energy research programme in the Lower Carbon Futures team focusses on the changes needed to deliver transitions to these systems. This will involve changes in technology, behaviour and practices, markets, policy and governance.


Our work is organised into themes each led by a senior researcher, and with extensive collaboration across the programme.

Energy Systems and Governance

Focuses on major changes to whole energy systems, including the way they are organized and how decisions are made. Led by Nick Eyre.

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Energy Demand Policy

Focuses on existing and potential policies to reduce energy demand, including work on equity and fuel poverty issues. Led by Tina Fawcett.

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Energy Monitoring and Analytics

Focuses on developments in energy and environmental monitoring. Led by Russell Layberry.

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Focuses on ways to balance supply and demand, including storage, demand response, networks and generation. Led by Philipp Grunewald.

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Smart systems, everyday life and social learning

Focuses on human dimensions of energy systems, including human-technology interfaces, the relationship between everyday practices and energy use, decision-making, social learning and the role of ICT. Led by Sarah Darby.

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Builders and Buildings

Focuses on the practices and processes of innovation in the construction industry, and its potential role in delivering and maintaining low-energy buildings. Led by Gavin Killip.

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Energy, Organisations and Society

Focuses on the dual role of organisations as energy consumers and as providers of energy-consuming goods and services. Led by Kathryn Janda.

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Transport and Mobility

Focuses on reduced energy consumption, behavioural change and socio-technical transitions towards low-carbon, clean and energy efficient transport systems. Led by Christian Brand across ECI/TSU.

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Energy news

Research outputs

Strategic review of UK energy efficiency programmes finds savings of upto 10%

A new study co-authored by Dr Nick Eyre sheds light on what works, where the gaps are, and future priorities for researchers and policy makers.

  • Jun 2015

Dr Sarah Darby reviews progress towards the planned roll-out of smart energy meters by 2020.

The report, led by Sarah Darby, was commissioned by DEFRA and gathered evidence from projects around the UK which looked into householder engagement with smart meters, evidence around changing behaviours and energy feedback among others.

  • Mar 2015

Latest publications

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The future of UK residential space heating is very uncertain, but meeting low carbon heating goals is better conceptualised as reducing reliance on gas rather than necessarily mass electrification.

Eyre, N. and Baruah, P. (2015) Uncertainties in future energy demand in UK residential heating. Energy Policy.

Energy Programme staff

Dr Brenda BoardmanDr Brenda BoardmanEmeritus Research Fellow
Dr Christian BrandDr Christian BrandSenior Research Fellow and Associate Professor
Dr Sarah DarbyDr Sarah DarbySenior Researcher and Deputy Leader, ECI Energy Programme
Dr Nick EyreDr Nick EyreLeader, Energy Research Programme
Jackson Senior Research Fellow and Associate Professor
Dr Tina FawcettDr Tina FawcettSenior Researcher
Dr Rebecca FordDr Rebecca FordResearch Programme Manager - Integrate Project
Dr Sarah HigginsonDr Sarah HigginsonResearcher-RealValue
Dr Kathryn JandaDr Kathryn JandaSenior Researcher
Dr Gavin KillipDr Gavin KillipResearcher
Dr Russell LayberryDr Russell LayberrySenior Researcher
Professor Sir Chris Llewellyn SmithProfessor Sir Chris Llewellyn SmithDirector of Energy Research, University of Oxford
 Ruth Mayne Ruth MayneResearcher
Dr Eoghan McKennaDr Eoghan McKennaPostdoctoral Researcher in Electricity Demand
 Anne Ryan Anne RyanAdministrative Assistant, LCF and Climate Research Lab
 Freya Stanley-Price Freya Stanley-PriceEnergy Network Coordinator

Doctoral research

Iliana Cardenes Trujillo

Saving energy and saving water: a comparative study in policy and regulation

Xiawei Liao

Identifying and understanding changes in water-energy linkage for China

Yingqi Liu

Residential Demand Response (DR) in the UK: the potential in low carbon energy transformation, social implication and interaction with energy efficiency

Scott MacDonald

An international comparison of voluntary green electricity tariffs

Yuge Ma

Regulation and low carbon development in the reform era: comparing China and India

Kiron Neale

Mainstreaming photovoltaics into Trinidad and Tobago's residential sector: housing development corporation integration

Andre Neves

Evaluating change in travel and carbon following implementation of physical infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists: a case study of Cardiff Connect2

Jose Ramirez Mendiola

The pathway to a sustainable energy infrastructure system

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