ECI's climate research focuses on climate prediction, detection and attribution, as well as climate risk assessment and modelling of climate impacts. ECI hosts UKCIP (the UK Climate Impacts Programme), which promotes and enables adaptation in government and business.


Global Science Programme

The Global Climate Science programme looks at the attribution of climate change, climate model uncertainties, and the carbon cycle.

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Impacts and Adaptation

The Impacts and Adaption work focuses on climate impacts on flooding risks and infrastructure systems, and adaptation strategies in the the UK and globally.

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The Mitigation research investigates how to reduce energy demand and decarbonise the UK energy infrastructure.

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Climate news

In order to adapt to, or address loss and damage from, the changing risks of extreme events occurring we need to understand the effect of climate change on such events.

Friederike Otto, et al (2015) Attribution of extreme weather events in Africa: a preliminary exploration of the science and policy implications Climatic Change
  • July 2015

Base greenhouse gas targets on science not expediency, says leading climate scientist

A policy paper by Professor Myles Allen urges policy-makers to base greenhouse gas emissions priorities on science and not expediency ahead of the 2015 climate negotiations.

  • May 2015

Latest publications

  • Uhe, P., Otto, F.E.L., Haustein, K., van Oldenborgh, G.J., King, A.D., Wallom, D.C.H., Allen, M.R. and Cullen, H. (2016) Comparison of methods: Attributing the 2014 record European temperatures to human influences. Geophysical Research Letters.
  • Otto, F.E.L., van Oldenborgh, G.J., Eden, J., Stott, P.A., Karoly, D.J. and Allen, M.R. (2016) The attribution question. Nature Climate Change, 6: 813-816.
  • Kingsborough, A., Borgomeo, E. and Hall, J. (2016) Adaptation pathways in practice: Mapping options and trade-offs for London’s water resources. Sustainable Cities and Society.
  • Simpson, M., Ives, M.C., Hall, J. and Kisby, C. (2016) Water supply systems assessment. In, Tran, M., Hall, J., Hickford, A. and Nicholls, R. (eds.) Planning Infrastructure for the 21st Century: A Systems-of-Systems Methodology. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.
  • Guillod, B., Massey, N., Otto, F., Allen, M., Jones, R. and Hall, J. (2016) Synthetic drought event sets: thousands of meteorological drought events for risk-based management under present and future conditions. EGU General Assembly 2016, held 17-22 April, 2016 in Vienna Austria.
  • Lim, W-H., Y, D., K, S., Hirabayashi, Y., Kanae, S., Dadson, S. and Hall, J. (2016) Global assessment of river flood protection benefits and corresponding residual risks under climate change. : EGU General Assembly 2016, held 17-22 April, 2016 in Vienna Austria.
  • Massey, N., Allen, M. and Hall, J. (2016) Large Ensembles of Regional Climate Projections. EGU General Assembly 2016, held 17-22 April, 2016 in Vienna Austria.
  • Byers, E., Qadrdan, M., Hall, J., Amezaga, J., Chaudry, M., Kilsby, C., Martino, T. and Alderson, D. (2016) Water use and water availability constraints to decarbonised electricity systems. EGU General Assembly 2016, held 17-22 April, 2016 in Vienna Austri.

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Climate Programme staff

Professor Myles AllenProfessor Myles AllenLeader, Climate Research Programme
Professor of Geosystem Science
 Clare Downing Clare DowningClimate Adaptation Science Officer (UKCIP)
 Stephanie Ferguson Stephanie FergusonKnowledge Exchange Officer (UKCIP)
Professor Jim HallProfessor Jim HallDirector of the ECI | Professor of Climate and Environmental Risks
Dr Victoria HaymanDr Victoria HaymanKnowledge Exchange and Co-ordination Officer (UKCIP)
Dr Rachel JamesDr Rachel JamesECI Research Fellow: Climate Modelling for Climate Services
Dr Yuge MaDr Yuge MaPostdoctoral Research Assistant
Dr Neil MasseyDr Neil MasseyResearcher
Dr Richard MillarDr Richard MillarPostdoctoral Research Assistant
Professor Benito MüllerProfessor Benito MüllerConvener International Climate Policy Research, ECI
 Sally Mullard Sally MullardUKCIP Administrative Assistant
Dr Friederike OttoDr Friederike OttoSenior Researcher and Scientific Coordinator,
 Patrick Pringle Patrick PringleAdaption Scientific Officer (UKCIP)
 Anne Ryan Anne RyanAdministrative Assistant, LCF and Climate Research Lab
 Phil Sivell Phil SivellARCC Network Science Officer
 Roger Street Roger StreetTechnical Director (UKCIP)
 Briony Turner Briony TurnerSenior Knowledge Exchange Officer (UKCIP)
 Peter Uhe Peter UheResearcher
Dr Pete WaltonDr Pete WaltonKnowledge Exchange Research Fellow
 Tanya Wilkins Tanya WilkinsScience Communications and Knowledge Transfer Manager, UKCIP

Doctoral research

Dina Hestad

Are we truly adapting? An assessment of whether monitoring and evaluation of climate change adaptation methodologies are capturing the complex and dynamic context of adaptation

Yingqui Li

Residential Demand Response (DR) in the UK: the potential in lowcarbon energy transformation, social implication and interaction with energy efficiency

Xi Hu

China's evolving vulnerability to climate change impacts: a spatial analysis of its infrastructure system

Ruksana Rimi

Climate change and high-impact weather events: implications for water resource and agriculture in Bangladesh

Sarah O'Keefe

Climate scenarios for water security assessment in major African river basins

Meghan Bailey

Climate adaptation through a social lens: the role social differentiation, knowledge and power play in adapting agricultural practices

Abrar Chaudhury

Financial and institutional design of climate change adaptation

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