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Dr Raghav Pant



Dr Raghav Pant has been working as a post-doctoral researcher within the Environmental Change Institute in the University of Oxford since 2012, focussing on infrastructure network analysis and system-of-systems risk analysis. He received his MSc degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering at Princeton University and a PhD in Industrial and Systems Engineering at the University of Oklahoma. He obtained his BS in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India.

Dr Pant leads the risk analysis research team as part of the Infrastructure Transitions Research Consortium, which is funded by a £4.7 million EPSRC Programme Grant. Dr Pant’s research includes system-of-systems risk analysis for national infrastructures, combining probabilistic hazard analysis, interdependent network analysis, spatial demand modelling, and macroeconomic loss modelling. His analysis of the failure criticality of Great Britain’s national infrastructure networks, undertaken in collaboration with Infrastructure UK in the Treasury, has attracted sustained attention from government (Infrastructure UK, Defra, Committee for Climate Change and DECC), utility companies and engineering consultants. It has been highlighted by Oxford University as an example of high impact research (See Getting Critical). His work has also provided valuable input to the Transport Resilience Review 2014 on resilience of UK transport networks to extreme weather events.