Ruth Mayne


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Ruth Mayne

Honorary Research Associate


Ruth is an Honorary Research Associate at the ECI and a senior researcher at Oxfam GB. She worked as a researcher in the Lower Carbon Futures Unit of the ECI from 2011 to 2016 on a number of research projects relating to local energy, strategies for a just transition and the co-benefits of carbon reduction investments. She has an interdisciplinary background and over 25 years experience working as a practitioner, researcher, and policy advisor on various aspects of sustainable development. She is founding Chair of the award winning community charity, Low Carbon West Oxford , which seeks to reduce local carbon emissions.

Research Interests

Between 2011 to 2016 Ruth worked on the following research projects at the ECI:

  • The EVALOC research project which used an action-research approach to assess, explain and communicate the changes in energy behaviours, energy use and carbon emissions due to local action in six demographically diverse communities. The project also explored the role played by social learning, energy feedback devices, social networks and knowledge transfer in achieving change. (Grant reference, RES-628-25-0012). EVALOC was a 4 year ESRC grant-funded interdisciplinary project with the ECI, Brookes University, and six DECC-funded low carbon communities.
  • A secondment with Low Carbon Oxford (a city wide public, private and civil society partnership working to reduce Oxford’s carbon emissions) funded by an ESRC and the EPSRC Impact Acceleration Award. The secondment help identify how local carbon reduction investment can contribute to a fast and fair transition in a way that benefits local residents, reduces social divides and builds public support for action.
  • IN-BEE, a consortium research project ‘Assessing the intangibles: the socio-economic benefits of energy efficiency’, funded by the Horizon 2020.
  • Two Knowledge Exchange projects funded by the UK Economic and Social Research Council which brought together researchers from the University of Oxford, members of UK low carbon community groups, the Transition Research Network, and the Low Carbon Communities Network, to co-produce and trial participatory monitoring and evaluation (M&E) tools.
  • The SPLICE project, a multi-partner research project for Defra investigating the environmental, social and economic effects of different energy choices.
  • SUPERGEN Highly Distributed Energy Future (HIDEF) (Grant reference: RES-152-27-0003) funded by EPSRC researching how community energy initiatives generate and distribute value.
  • Evidence review on Climate Change and Social Justice in the UK for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.


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