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 School of Geography and the Environment

Dr Alexander Otto (né Lorenz)

Alexander Otto


ECI Research Fellow on Climate Decisions


t: +44 (0)1865 275894


Alexander Otto is a Research Fellow in Climate Decisions at the Environmental Change Institute at the University of Oxford and also a Stipendiary Lecturer in Environmental Geography at St Catherine's College, Oxford.

His research focusses on the links between climate change mitigation strategies and long-term socio-economic growth theories. Further, he works on the role of uncertainty, learning, limited system-controllability, and of infrastructure systems in optimal climate decisions. His work contributes steps towards a Next Generation Integrated Assessment of Climate Change mitigation and adaptation. Additionally he cooperates with colleagues in climate science on projects about the relative importance of transient vs. equilibrium climate response and on the design of multi-gas emission metrics.

Previously Alexander Otto has worked in the Infrastructure Transitions Research Consortium (ITRC) on developing a general modelling framework for analysis of capacity and demand that allows integrating five different infrastructure sector models into a single analysis.

Alexander Otto studied Physics and Philosophy at the University of Potsdam and holds a Diploma (Masters Equivalent) in Physics. He also holds a Dr. rer. oec. (PhD in economics) from the Technical University Berlin.


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