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Dr Michael Gilmont

Short-Term Research Associate


Michael joined ECI in November 2014, working with Professors Jim Hall and Simon Dadson on investigating relationships between economic growth, hydroclimatic vulnerability and water infrastructure and other investments. His initial analysis focuses on comparing trajectories of states in India. He is also working with David Grey on water development investments and transboundary water relationships in Asia and Africa.

Michael completed his PhD at King's College London, supervised by Professors Tony Allan and Mark Pelling on the politics of water reform and the process of bridging often conflicting demands of social, economic/agricultural and environmental water needs. His thesis examined the emergence of a discursive 'governance' approach to water policy in California, Australia's Murray Darling Basin, and Israel. Other recent work includes the development of a water-specific model to understand the various mechanisms facilitating decoupling of national water resources from population and economic growth in water-scarce economies around the world. Michael maintains an active interest in water governance and policy reform, as well as the continued development and application of the decoupling concept to water resources for both research and policy applications.

He holds a BA in Geography (Cambridge) and an MSc in Hydrology (Imperial College).


  • Gilmont, M., 2014. Decoupling Dependence on Natural Water: Reflexivity in the Regulation and Allocation of Water in Israel. Water Policy 16(1) p79-101. doi:10.2166/wp.2013.171

  • Gilmont, M., and Antonelli, M., 2013. Analyse to Optimise: Sustainable intensification of agricultural production through investment in integrated land and water management in Africa. In: J. A. Allan et al. eds. Handbook of Land and Water Grabs in Africa. London: Routledge. p.406-418

  • Antonelli, M., Gilmont, M., and Roson, R., 2012. Water’s Green Economy: alternative pathways for water resource development in agriculture. L' urope en formation, Autumn 2012, no. 365. doi:10.3917/eufor.365.0023

Selected Conference Presentations

  • Gilmont, M., 2015. Drivers of Food Trade: Water Resource decoupling in the MENA as a mechanism for circumventing national water scarcity. Tropical Agriculture as 'Last Frontier'? CIDOB, 28-30 January.

  • Gilmont, M., and Allan. J.A., 2014. Analysing Water Resource Decoupling. World Water Week, 2 September.

  • Gilmont, M., 2014. Decoupling: A Silent, Pragmatic Means of Countering or Circumventing Hydro-Hegemony. Seventh International Workshop on HydroHegemony, 10-11 May, UEA London.

  • Gilmont, M., and Antonelli, M., 2013 Green Economy for Agricultural Water Development through Optimisation. International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage Conference on Water and the Green Economy, 8 November, London.