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 School of Geography and the Environment

Dr Anna Lawrence

Anna Lawrence

Former Position:

Senior Research Fellow in Human Ecology

Anna left ECI in December 2007 and now works as Head of Social and Economic Research at the Forestry Commission . Her new email can be found below.




Anna worked for ECI from 2001-2007 as a Senior Research Fellow and leader of the Human Ecology Team. She left ECI in December 2007 to take up a new post at the Forestry Commission. With a background in plant ecology (BA in Natural Sciences, University of Cambridge) and Forestry (MSc in Forestry and its relation to land use, University of Oxford), Anna's research focus whilst at ECI was more on the cultural, social and political aspects of biodiversity management.

This interdisciplinary perspective was developed through her PhD thesis on 'Tree-cultivation in upland livelihoods in the Philippines: implications for biodiversity conservation and forest policy' (University of Reading).

After working for several years in agroforestry research and extension in Bolivia, various ethnobotanical studies conducted there and through the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Anna's interest in human-nature interactions and interdisciplinary research deepened. She has worked in 17 countries, using participatory learning methods to develop a holistic understanding of the interactions between people and the ecosystem of which they form part. Her latter work at ECI explored the ways in which different stakeholders' perceptions and values of species and ecosystems relate to the assessment and management of biodiversity.

See the Human Ecology page for more information on past projects and research

Recent Publications

  • Lawrence, A. (2007) Beyond the second generation: towards adaptiveness in participatory forest management, Perspectives in Agriculture, Veterinary Science, Nutrition and Natural Resources 2, No. 028
  • Lawrence, A . (in press) "No personal motive?" Volunteers, biodiversity and the false dichotomies of participation. Ethics, Place and Environment preprint available here, please contact the author for the final accepted version
  • Lawrence A. and Hawthorne W. (2006) Plant identification: creating user-friendly field guides for biodiversity management. Earthscan, London. 268 pp. Buy it! (10% off direct from the publisher)
  • Lawrence, A., Phillips, O.L., Ismodes, A.R., Lopez, M. Rose, S., Wood, D. and Farfan, A.J. (2005) Biodiversity and Conservation 14: 45-79
  • Hamilton, A., Durbeck, K., and Lawrence, A. (2006) Towards a sustainable harvest: A work in hand. Plant Talk, 43:32-35