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Dr Brenda Boardman

Brenda Boardman


Emeritus Fellow: Energy




Brenda is an Emeritus Fellow at the ECI following her retirement in September 2008. She is also a Visiting Professor at the University of Exeter. At the ECI, Brenda was the former head of the Lower Carbon Futures team and a co-director of the UK Energy Research Centre. Her main research focus is on how to achieve demand reduction in energy across the UK economy, but in particular the built environment.

Research Interests

Brenda's main research focus is on energy efficiency and the way that energy is used in British homes, particularly by low-income households, i.e. fuel poverty. She considers the economic, social and technical aspects of the subject and her work has a strong policy emphasis. She is widely viewed as one of the most experienced in her field and was awarded an MBE in 1998 for her work on energy efficiency and received the Energy Institute's Melchett Medal in the same year.

Brenda's second book, Fixing Fuel Poverty: Challenges and solutions is available in both paperback and hardback. The book examines why the numbers of households in fuel poverty are rising - currently 5m in the UK - despite the government's legal obligation to eradicate fuel poverty by 2016. Many of the lessons from the UK are germaine to other countries beginning to experience worsening fuel poverty, particularly in Eastern and Central Europe. The European Commission now requires action on fuel poverty in all Member States, through the revised Electricity Directive. Brenda has given a series of presentations about the book to various professional and academic audiences in the UK, in Brussels and in Prague.


Brenda continues to supervise two doctoral students and to give occasional lectures to the MSc in Environmental Change and Management. She also contributes to the MSc in Energy Policy at Exeter University and is external examiner for the MSc in Theory and Practice of Sustainable Design, Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University.

Selected Media Apperances and Presentations


Special issue of Energy Policy on fuel poverty

In 2012 a special issue of the international journal Energy Policy was published commemorating 21 years of research and policy related to fuel poverty. The issue is a tribute to the work of Brenda Boardman and hails her as the primary “researcher, strategic thinker and campaigner” on the world of fuel poverty. View the special edition online: Fuel Poverty Comes of Age: Commemorating 21 Years of Research and Policy.

The missed exam: Conversations with Brenda Boardman, by Christine Liddell (Energy Policy 49:12-18)

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