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ECI Ecological Economics Lectures 2008

Ecological Economics Lectures: Michaelmas 2008

Ecological economics is an interdisciplinary field focused on issues of sustainable development that have emerged in response to the difficulties in solving the global and local environmental problems. It draws on the expertise of a range of disciplines: economics, ecology, physics, environmental sciences, sociology, psychology, complex systems theory, etc. to address the current challenges the world is facing, including tackling climate change, preventing the loss of biodiversity, and achieving sustainability.

This lecture series addresses a range of questions relating to climate change, policy analysis, industrial metabolism, macroeconomic modelling, and institutional economic issues. The invited speakers include leading academics in the field of ecological economics. We welcome all interested to participate and hope that you will enjoy the series.

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All lectures take place at 5pm in the School of Geography and the Environment Lecture Theatre. This can be found in the OUCE building on South Parks Road.

"Political Ecological Economics"
Professor Martin O'Connor
Universite de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines
Tuesday 28 October 2008, 5pm, SoGE
Slides not yet available

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"Industrial Ecology and Industrial Metabolism: What have we learned"
Professor Robert Ayres
Tuesday 4 November 2008, 5pm, SoGE
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"Understanding Ecological Economics. Towards Pluralism in Economics"
Professor Peter Soderbaum
Malardalen University
Tuesday 11 November 2008, 5pm, SoGE
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"Effective Climate Policy is not Expensive"
Professor Jeroen C.J. M. van den Bergh
Free University of Amsterdam
Tuesday 25 November, 5pm, SoGE
View slides Jeroen C.J.M. van den Bergh. "Safe Climate Policy is Affordable 14 Reasons."
"The Economics of Dangerous Climate Change after the IPCC's Fourth Assessment Report"
Dr Terry Barker
Cambridge University and Cambridge Econometrics
Thursday 27 November, 2.30pm, Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, Hayes House, George Street
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"Trade and Environment: Between Market and Political Failures"
Professor Beat Burgenmeier
University of Geneva
Tuesday 2 December, 5pm, SoGE
View slides The Professor Beat Burgenmeier "Feasibility of a World-wide Tax on Anthropogenic Emissions of Greenhouse Gases"