Are you interested in a career in Sustainability? Become a sustainability intern

Sustainability roles offer exciting careers in businesses, government and the third sector – and an internship is the best way to check if this is for you.

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Please note that the Sustainability Internship Programme is for currently matriculated University of Oxford students.

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Career insights

Valuable insights into a sustainability career.

Training course

A training course that will introduce you to concepts of sustainability, teach you practical skills and give you a chance to network with sustainability professionals and peers.

Work experience

Full-time work experience for 8-12 weeks during the summer vacation (undergraduates) or after you have handed in your dissertation (MSc students).

A defined project

A defined project, which creates real value for the host organisation and a learning experience for you.


Interaction with an assigned supervisor or mentor within the host organisation.


A stipend, or some assistance with travel or accommodation.


The programme is open to all current matriculated (i.e. not visiting) University of Oxford students, in any course of study.


International Internships (internships start from the end of June onwards)

Deadline for internship proposals*6 January 2017
Placements are advertised to students16 January-19 February 2017
Student applications deadlineMidnight 19 February 2017
Applications sent to internship sponsorsBy 6 March 2017
Sponsors interview students and select candidate(s)By 3 April 2017

UK Internships (internships start from the end of June onwards)

Deadline for internship proposals*10 February 2017
Placements are advertised to students20 February - 12 March 2017
Student applications deadlineMidnight 12 March 2017
Applications sent to internship sponsorsBy 27 March 2017
Sponsors interview studentsBy 10 April 2017
Sponsors select candidate(s)24 April 2017

* Internship proposals received after this date will be advertised from 13 March in the late-advertised internships batch. Late placements can be advertised from 13 March 2016. We will accept late internship proposals up to and including 31 May 2017. Placements are advertised to students for a two week period after the placement goes live and applications are sent to internship sponsors within one week of the deadline. Sponsors will be asked to select a candidate within three weeks.

Training Better Leaders: ECI's Sustainability Training Course

Sustainability Training Course, ECI19-21 April 2017
Internship start date: for undergraduatesEnd of June onwards
Internship start date: for postgraduatesSeptember onwards

Please contact Alice Chautard if you have any enquiries about the Sustainability Internship Programme

Financial support from: Santander

In association with: Internship Office